Thursday, September 25, 2014

Styling an 18th Birthday Party

Kai's 18th Birthday
Dinner and Movie Under the Stars

I had the privilege to work with a very talented musician and actress, Kai Bains,
to style her fabulous 18th birthday party!
I'd love to style a small gathering for you and your friends.

Here are some of my favorite pictures and even some tips for styling your own parties. 

This celebration was pure magic and the photos really do not do it justice. I was beyond delighted to stage this party for such an amazing young lady. It could not have been more fun for me!
Kai was lovely to work with. We met a few weeks before the party to discuss her ideas and how I could serve her. Together I believed we accomplished what she wanted and even elevated it.

She loved my idea of mixing vintage tableware together. I combined gold vintage snack services ( I painted the bottom of the glass gold). Also pairing them with small salad plates provided interest and took much less space than standard size place settings. The extra tables space gained allowed all ten girls to share the same dining table. It was lovely and perfect for their Tapas menu that was catered. Kai added the special touch of a simple menu on a lunch bag with a surprise goodie inside: hot pita bread.

Movie Under the Stars viewing area. 
This lounging area accommodated ten girls. It was comfortable with ample room to lie down on cozy picnic blankets and lots of pillows to throw around while watching their films.

Back Rests

Jon and I made four gray backrests for the girls to lean against on the grass. I was inspired by some that I saw and researched on Pinterest. We fashioned these specifically for Kai's party. They are simple, A-frames with hinges that anchor softly into the grass. We recycled plywood that was doomed for the trash, painted them French Gray to coordinate with the color scheme and propped seat cushions and back cushions against them for extra comfort. These are great for parties like this, picnics, concerts in the park or just relaxing on a patch of grass. I am glad to rent them out or custom make some for your next event!

Calli modeling how comfy the backrests are.

Photo backdrop and movie screen.
Dinner table with movie area in the background.
I delegated some of the styling to Kai to utilize her creativity as well as keep costs low. She made this adorable picture booth/backdrop that quickly converted to the movie screen. It made a fantastic focal point for the whole party. Calli was my right hand as we set this up in record breaking scorching August heat.

The high summer sun giving my camera a challenge.
I wanted the lounge area to have no shortage of pillows. Also, I used baskets and luggage as side tables and a low profile coffee table. I wanted the girls to have plenty of places to set their popcorn and drinks.

I deconstructed a store bought floral bouquet to make several small arrangements that would allow the ladies to see each other without moving them. This is a fun way to stretch out the beauty and the budget!

Fresh lemon and herbs are just as pretty as flowers, fragrant and edible garnish.

A gift from Grandma. A beautiful french cake. 

Kai's parents strung memories over the patio mimicking streamers but much more fun. They are not only festive, personal and stunning, but also interactive. The girls really enjoyed finding their photos with Kai and then sharing their memories. Everyone loved it! 
This is a fun idea to implement for family birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings. They can be strung up high, on tables, over entryways, there are so many possibilities. In this digital age, everyone appreciates real photos more than ever!

I can style a small event like this, rent the pieces pictured or find a unique piece of furniture for your living spaces.  I'll be keeping everyone posted as my new website is closer to launching under the new name: Nicole Monee.

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