Monday, September 5, 2011

Blueberries and I phones (not necessarily in that order)

Ever wonder when super clean is a bad thing?
I'll tell you.
It's when it's your I phone spinning around in the wash.
"Hey, what's that clunking around in the washing machine?" asks True Love 
in the "someone fix that" tone of voice.
"I don't know! " I say. "I'm doing sheets." 
10 minutes later.
"Why can't I find my phone anywhere? KIDS?! Who has my phone?" I ask, panic building.
"That's weird. I've looked everywhere. Didn't I have it when I was in your room Calli? Sitting on your bed? Right before I changed your sheets?"
Retracing steps. 
Dramatic gasp as things begin adding up. I slowly approach the laundry room with the strongest desire NOT to find my phone now. 

You know the rest of the story. 
I am intentionally leaving out the most colorful part. 

So, it's been replaced. Yay! 
My life is almost back up to speed at the techy level.
However, I MISSED the Alameda Antique Fair.
No worries.
There is always next month.
I did happen to visit the
Walnut Creek Farmer's Market
which was great
because I missed
Saturday's replacing my phone
and needed some fresh bounty.
That's a lot of boring information 
you can care less about.
What I'm getting to is that I was able to pick up
I can show my friend who's requested 
the recipe I mentioned back in the
"Most Valuable Players" posting.
Here it is!

Blueberry Brie Appetizer
Here's what you need:
Ok. I like this picture, but it's missing a few things.
Coconut Oil and the gorgeous Goat's Milk Feta 
(remember I didn't make it to the Danville Farmer's Market).

You need: French Baguette, Coconut OilPersian Lime Olive Oil, Brie, Goat Cheese, Lemon Basil,
and Sea Salt & Pepper.

PreHeat Oven to 400

Slice the Bread with a Serrated Knife

Lay Aluminum Foil over a Cookie Sheet.
Set the sliced bread on the sheet and
spread Coconut Oil over both sides.

Now put toast them on the top rack of the oven. Every oven is different, mine is unpredictable,
so I like to leave the door propped open a bit and watch them. They won't get brown, but they'll be gold and crispy.
While they are toasting rinse the Blueberries and Lemon Basil.

Take out the golden bread slices and sprinkle with Sea Salt. 
You have to do this because it ensures that the bread and the Coconut Oil 
are present when you take your first bites.
Set them on a platter.

Now, Cut-the-Cheese (baaaahahahahahaa!)
Sorry. I have a 14 year old son and we laugh at that kind of juvenile stuff!
Slice a small wedge of Brie and top it on the bread. Press half of it into the bread.

Now, I alternated brie with goat cheese because 1) it's easier on my lactose blah-blah-blah, and 2) it's easier on my TuesdayMorningThing.

Next, drizzle the Persian Lime Olive Oil right down the center lane of those babies
and sprinkle them good with the Sea Salt and Pepper.

I love this part!
No body expects them on an elegant appetizer.

Holy Giant Blueberries Batman! 
(They are not usually so plump, 
they almost look like olives in this picture. Scrumptious!)
You will need to press them into the cheese a bit. You don't want them bouncing off when you take your first bite. Not so elegant when they go rolling through the kitchen. 
Press em' in good!
Then, take your Lemon Basil Leaves and do the same thing, even the pressing. 

Almost done.
Drizzle again and lightly sprinkle.
You know what I'm talking about.
I will try to describe how good these babies are.
They are light, crunchy, creamy, sweet and savory all in one. 
Almost like a savory blueberry cheesecake.

I invented this recipe a few summers back
 when my brothers and our families shared a home in Tahoe for a week.
We all took turns making Happy Hour food and big meals.
When I served this everyone was dazzled 
wondering where I found this unusual recipe.
I made it up!
I was happy they liked it as much as I like it!
So maybe you will too.
It's insanely easy when you've got the right ingredients.
You could substitute the cheeses if you'd like. 
Play around with your favorites. 
I really wanted to try it with the Goat Milk Feta, but another time.
I bet Neufchatel cheese would work.
Cream cheese would make it too desserty. 
I can't decide which one I enjoyed more between the brie and the goat cheese.
You can even swap the Lemon Basil for regular Basil Leaf. 
I've done that before and it works fine.
However, I would NOT substitute the 
I really feel like this recipe showcases the beautiful flavor of the oil.
That's the dazzling part.
A new flavor!
Get some.


  1. Where do you get your Persian Lime Oil? Sorry about your phone, but it makes a good story. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Wow. I am going to make that. It sounds amazing. And I'm so sorry about your phone AND that you missed the Antique Faire. :(

  3. Num Num. I love combining those types of ingredients. I'm going to have to find some of tha olive oil.

    PS.. Sorry about your phone's demise. Also I know you would laugh about cutting the cheese even if you didn't have a son!!!

  4. That's right Sarah!!!!
    I'm shocked someone continued reading so long to catch my joke!!!

  5. Thanks Kris!
    Its from the Danville Farmer's Market, but I linked it here, so if you click on the red "Persian Lime Olive Oil" it will take you to the website where you can order on line. Let me know if you love it.

  6. Thanks Carol! But I'll make the Vintage faire downtown Danville today if I ever get off my computer! :)