Monday, September 12, 2011

"S" is for Super Cool

"S" Hooks 
are helping me organize my life.
I don't have enough storage.
When we moved into our home nine years ago, we pulled out some upper kitchen cabinets that served more accurately as a custom 80's room divider.
You had to lay your head on the counter 
to see the people on the other side of the room.
It was out of here before we moved in a single thing!
There went tons of storage.
Thankfully, Costco had the industrial shelves that were popping up as 
kind of cool when you needed extra storage in a hip way.
So we have some of those.
Here's one.
Hey!! Why can't the kids tell that the silver bowls go inside each other?
How many times?...
Well, now you know a bit more of what it's like here
and why these "S" hooks are helping me
with the organization battle.
And it's not crooked. It's just the camera.
Here's the other shelf.
I just thought I'd show you how the "S" hooks 
are making even these shelves work 
a little better for me.
Seems like everybody needs more storage these days.
Giant mugs.
So, I never had napkin rings until about a month ago.
I was on my way to my friend's house and I spotted a sign:
Estate Sale
I obeyed.
Swung my GroceryGetter (suv) around.
I ended up with two bags of napkin rings for $5.
Now that's about what I wanted to pay for 20 napkin rings that matched!
I put them in this little basket I got at another yard sale and hung them on the rack.
I didn't want to hide them in a drawer because I love them!
They are wooden, round, cute, cheap and my first collection of napkin rings
(yes I've been married 18 years, I don't know why I didn't have them, I often tie napkins with ribbon, just---- I didn't have any till now.)
So there they are.
Hanging out waiting for a dinner party.
Lame picture but great idea!
This cutting board should be called "cutting contention".
It's always in the way when we're not using it.
We're always using it.
I don't like digging around for something I use all the time.
It's awkward to rest against the cabinets. 
We'd always have debates about where it would be best stored
but I use it ALL THE TIME!
"S" hook 
to the rescue!
This is a work in process.
Looks dorky.
I'll work on it. But for now. I always find my purse.
This is my desk and I pass it on my way in from outside. 
I just put the purse handle around that thing and 
I always know where to find my purse.
I'll probably meander back to Ace Hardware and get a brassy one so that it doesn't look so dorky.
 I might even doctor it up with a burlap ribbon or something,
but for now
I'm happy.
I'd love to hear if these little "S" hooks have improved your life.
Sometimes it's just the little things.

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  1. I love creating order!! you're right the s hook is Super!