Friday, October 7, 2011

Zachary's Winner!!!!

Calli's a winner!

This summer Calli entered the Annual Zachary's Chicago Style Pizza Art Contest.
One of her teachers suggested that she and Jake enter this contest.
It was easy to enter.
Zachary's gave you the paper, the entry form and the rules.
Any age could enter.
Any skill level.
Both of my kids worked very hard for a few weeks on their entries. Jake did a fabulous Green Lantern and received Honorable Mention and a few slices of free pizza.
However, to our surprise, Calli won the honor of being one of the winners who would get their entry framed and displayed in a Zachary's store, 
along with a $100 gift certificate to Zachary's,
and two T-shirts!
So fun!
So proud of my artist children.

There's TrueLove and one of our AmazingIllustratorFriend's Cathy,
and Calli way back there.

I like this picture because you can see some of the other winning entries in the background.
You must know that TrueLove and I have been frequenting Zachary's Pizza since we were little high school punks. We've had so many great memories waiting for hours, squished in like sardines, in the College Avenue store. One of my friends bachelorette parties started at Zachary's. Then Zachary's moved into suburbia and I do believe that Jake had two birthday parties here. I have one fine memory, I must have been 17, of convincing my dad that it was worth the drive AND the wait in Bezerkly to eat this pizza. I begged him to let me treat him to this dining phenomenon. There was nothing like it I promised him. He conceded and we stuffed ourselves into the craziness, salivating at the garlicy-tomato aroma that hung in the air the whole time we waited, ordered-hungry and exhausted with the site of all the other happy people (who had waited out their 45minute bake time) indulging in this pizza fantasticness, and FINALLY our pizza arrived. Insert the sound of shattered dreams falling all around. I had accidently ordered a thin crust, regular pizza! You only make that mistake once! I've hardly forgiven myself and it's been about 20 years.
Ah the sweet memories!
All the memories are brightly enhanced by the fun of enjoying all the wild and zany art adorning the walls. They were funny, creative, colorful, and they honored the star of the show-
the deep, dish, Chicago style pizza pie!!!
The magic is in the deep dish!
(Which is why my flat pizza order with my dad was such a monumental mistake. I never got him to go back.)

That's Mike behind me. Cathy's hubby.

If you haven't experienced this pizza, you may not have lived yet.
You must go.
Well, I'm not quite done bragging about my Calli Girl.
When she was choosing the subject matter of this contest, she knew from the beginning that she wanted to do Garfield because "everyone knows that Garfield likes to eat a lot."
Cover your ears folks! 
I tried to talk her out of it.
"Garfield's so out dated. No one's into Garfield. Do a fashion thing. You're so good at that."
But she stuck to her plan. She did not waver. She went with her gut.
And it payed off!
The caption reads
"Good-bye Lasagna,
When TrueLove made the reservation requesting we sit under her picture so we could get some good family pictures, the hostess said that the Garfield was one of the fan favorites.
It received a lot of traffic from the kids and everyone thought it was funny that Garfield had discovered Zachary's.

Hey! Jake gave me bunny ears. 

Maybe they say that to every winning family that calls and requests seating next to their art, but even if that's so,
it doesn't change how much I love hearing it.
Congrats Calli!


  1. SO WONDERFUL!! we love Zachary's and have for many many years... and looking at the AMAZING art makes it such a great experience!! CONGRATULATIONS!! truly an accomplishment and what a great example of sticking to your instinct.. Garfield is GREAT and the picture is FANTASTIC!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It has been so much fun for me and another one of those times that I learn from my kids! Thanks for the encouragement and taking the time to comment.

  3. Wow, I knew her brother was talented in drawing, but Calli is amazing too! You all must be so thrilled to have artistic children!!! - MIHO

  4. Umm Wow Calli!!! Soooo sooooo awesome and a great idea! I loooove garfield! : ) I wanna go eat some pizza under Garfield! : )

  5. We may just have to make a trip through the tunnel to take a peek at that wonderfully clever piece of art. Did she draw it on a small piece of paper and then they enlarged it? So clever of her and Zachary's too!

  6. Thanks Ladies!
    And Miho! I love that you are checking out my blog. I'd love to feature your jewelry some time. Maybe you could share my blog with some of the CHD ladies. I'd love to get some more creatives following me. Also, can I say how amazing it is to have you blessing my "artistic" children, when yours are so inspiring as well. I'd love to learn what they are up to these days and see some more shows!

  7. what a fantabulous story! What a great picture! What great kids! What a family!!!!!
    gushing all over the place and slightly jealous as you are such a talented crew...

  8. Yeah to Calli!!! I am thrilled that she won! She did a great job.:)

  9. Thanks for sharing. You are such a talented family! Your children amaze me with their art creations. I do have to add that Calli is the sweetest girl I know.

    Teri Strong

  10. Thank you Everybody!
    Wendy in CA: Thank you for encouraging the kids to enter!
    Teri Strong: Thank you for the sweet compliment. I agree with you that she is one of the sweetest girls I know, maybe even people. You also amaze us when we see how our kids blossom in your studio. Someday I'll take a class too.
    Ruth: Yes, Calli did the art in a small pencil version. She used the grid technique herself to enlarge it. Then she painted what you see in the picture.
    I'm thrilled that you all enjoyed the story! Have a great weekend.