Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm an "Aunt Olie" Again!

Oh how happy I am today,
because ELIZA JOY is here!!!
 My "BestieBestie" just had a beautiful baby girl!
Baby Eliza!!!!! 
Eliza Joy

Her SpectacularKnittingGorgeous Grandmother knitted these precious silvery ice colored booties
that Eliza wore home from the hospital.

I have 22 sweet, 
amazing, lovely, and intelligent 
nephews and nieces on my husband's side. 
It's true. 
They are a BIG family! 
( I hope I did not lose count).
They are not Mormon, they are not Catholic, and they are not irresponsible or most of the things that people have asked them over the years. 
They love life, they love children, and they love family. 
So there are a lot of them. 
I had to correct my son who used the words "too many" to describe them, referring to how hard it is for him to remember all their names when he doesn't see them all very often. 
Not even yearly as some of them are very far away.
On my side of the family, 
I have 4 gorgeous nephews and nieces. 
It's easier to remember all the names because 
there are FOUR! 
and we see them regularly, 
although not as regularly as we'd like,
because my brothers and I are in that 
"chauffer" season of life, delivering
them all to their activities 
and not having time for all the wonderful
dinners and visits we long for.
How I envy the European lifestyle.
Relaxed pace, the priest stopping by every night for a glass of wine,
walking to the market every day,
knowing everyone in your town forever.
Sorry, back to the point.
However the joy of being an auntie is when you get 
to be one 
My beautiful BestieBestie,
 (wow if I misspell that one a different image would come to mind),
trust me she is B!-u-tiful!!!
just made me an "auntie" all over again for the THIRD time!
"boo hoo sniff sniff"
only because BestieBestie lives far away. 
Five hours in a plane far away.
And I don't get to hold her,
Eliza not BestieBestie,
 until Christmas time.
However, I do get to welcome her today!

Welcome to our hearts!
Welcome to our world!
Your life brings 
and hope 
to us.
You will make this world better
with your smile,
your laugh,
your sweetness,
and your sparkle.
We've been welcoming you in our hearts
since we first heard 
the announcement that you
were coming.
We didn't know your name.
We didn't know who you would look like.
We didn't know your personality.
We did know that we love you like crazy.
We are so happy you are here.
We will learn from you.
The Great Sage Jesus told us this is true.
We look forward to all the wonders that 
make up YOU.
We look forward to all that you 
will experience and share.
You are our joy.
We love you.

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