Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Entry

I'm glad you're back. 
Yesterday I left a little "to be continued".
Remember that yesterday was all about my Autumn,
technically "October"
Well when I was decorating, I spent some good time up on the ladder
looking down at the round table that sits 
in the middle
of the entryway.

And I light bulb ( 8 of them! just kidding) went all glowing above my head.
During the summer I had bought a round
vanity mirror at an Estate Sale
that I intended to put in my
powder room.
(When I say "powder room" I say it in an old Hollywood glamorous voice. 
1) because it's fun and I imagine that people that "powder" talk in some strange theatrical voice
2) because it makes me laugh. And I like to laugh.
I'm pretty sure no one has ever used this room in my house for powdering.
And we call it a "powder room" because it does not have a shower or bath tub in it, so that completely disqualifies it as a "bath" room, and "half bath" is a stupid description because you either picture half a bath tub, a shower without soap or a sponge bath and let's just say that
"poooOow-dah roooomm"
is much more elegant than any of the above.
We just don't do that in there.
What on earth was I talking about?
Help me!?!
I need to scroll up to see.
The mirror!
The mirror that I never hung in the powder room,
the one sitting on a box of junk 
in the garage-
THAT mirror.
Well, it's round, like the entry table, only smaller and I got so excited thinking about a mirror DOWN there reflecting aaaaaalll the work I had done UP THERE on the chandelier.
So that's what I did.

I pulled a few candle sticks, removed the candles, set bowls up there instead, filled them with candy, added a few small pumpkins, the striped candles I got from Halloween Clearance at Richard's last week,
and a cute little vignette happened.
The jack-o-lantern
thing my mom 
bought Calli even though 
I've told her for years that I don't really like that stuff.
Turns out,
I kept it and brought it out, 
since I'm not really fooling anyone with the black and orange color story
and it's small enough not to offend me.
So there it is.

Since the table's round, we need to make sure this looks cute from other angles.

Mmm. I like it from this angle too.
Let's look at it straight on.

Hey, that's the same the angle. Let's try that again.

Now, you can kind of see the reflective quality in this picture.
But this is the part I LOOOOOVE. 
Let's get a little closer!

That's what I'm talkin' about!
Let's do it again.
By the way.
Don't eat that gross candy.
It tastes like a sugary, vanilla, waxy, color crayon.
Why do they make this candy?
For decorating.
Now, let's look in the mirror again because this is so fun for me.

Oh see why I love this?
Maybe it will enjoy a little trip to 
We'll see. 

Here you can see the reflection in the mirror on the wall.
I love reflections.
Well, let's move on.
Since the table is small I didn't think it needed too many pumpkins.

Just two over here and maybe one over there.

But these pumpkins that I love come in big bags so I had to sprinkle some more around.
A couple over here.

Don't worry. I'm not going to walk you all around the house to show you where each pumpkin was placed. I just really thought that gold one was cool and was worthy of a little close up.

This picture cracks me up because I tried to be detailed and move the stupid ladder but after all that I still see it tucked back by the piano.
So funny.
So the story with this picture is that
I was just happy for a glorious, fall, sunshiny day so that I could open the door and let the light flood in so that I could capture a creative project that brought me 
a lot of joy.

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  1. Nicole, I love your writing. You crack me up and I can totally "hear" you talking when I read ths.