Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Surprise

I had no intentions of blogging today because it's Sunday and everyone needs a break. As I was sitting on my computer checking a few things-yes on my blog-putting up a few recipes, checking stats, trying not to be obsessive-here comes this beautiful plate!

Calli made me a really delicious breakfast! Don't we as moms dream of the day when our children would do these things? I sure did! I remember those days when the kids were little, very little, and I celebrated the day when they could just self feed. The first time we'd be at a coffee shop and our baby would put the muffin to his/her own mouth and not choke to death. Remember when we were so thrilled that they could use the fork, drink from a real cup that didn't come in several pieces, and even when they could get up early and toast their own bread? All of those milestones were so special and celebrated. 
And now, breakfast!
Just so you know, this is not the first time my daughter has made me something special. She shows love by serving and giving, so this happens from time-to-time, but today it just delighted me all over again. For one reason especially, is that her cooking chops are really blossoming. She used a wheat-free & gluten free Baking & Pancake mix that TrueLove bought to try, but we haven't used. She just busted out that bag and made these fabulous pancakes. She drizzled them with Maple Syrup, dropped a dollop of Almond Butter to drag each bite through, and topped the cakes with chopped-yes she chopped them-Fontana Farms Butter Toffee Almonds! Wow! 
Yes, we hit the Farmer's Market in Danville yesterday and bought these yummy babies.
We bought the 2 bags for 6$ which was super smart of us
because we almost ate a whole bag on the ride home.
And it's about a 7 minute drive.
They are like candy!
And she topped my pancakes with them! 
Then she filled a little ramekin with scrambled eggs that she made. I asked her how she scrambled the eggs and she rattled this off: 2 eggs, coconut milk, basil, Sea Salt, pepper and tomatoes.
I couldn't not post about this. My eleven year old is growing up, concocting amazing recipes, thinking of others first (we're still working on that with the 14 year old-oh confessions-confessions- I'm always working on that with ME), and just pleasantly
surprising me!
It was worth sharing!
So I'm going to finish up this fabulous Sunday Surprise
so I can get in there and clean 
all the dishes
she left.

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  1. She is such a sweetie pie. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree you know!