Monday, October 24, 2011

Mangia Mi (and me too!)

Last Sunday afternoon we had a spectacular lunch 
at a local favorite

Mangia Mi is a casual, fresh, Italian
cafe with incredibly scrumptious, authentic Italian flavors
reminiscent of cafes and trattorias of Italy.
It's a neighborhood spot with a drive 
to bring the family back
to the table.
They have the reputation of having 
the best lasagna around

MostAwesomeNeighborSweetGuyChris' Lasagna

I can testify that this is true.
A few days prior, my brother invited us to dinner
there. He was being beckoned by the famous lasagna
but because we were overbooked
I had to regretfully turn down his invite, 
but darn it!
Since the mention of it I couldn't get the idea out of my head
so I seized the moment after church to satisfy
the craving that arose.
It is a challenge to describe how 
full and flavorful
these dishes are.
They really taste like my memories of my 
Italian grandmother's kitchen.
Buon Appetitto!
I really hope if you haven't discovered
the magic of Mangia Mi
that you do so soon.
It really is phenomenal food!
My only tip is that you take notice
of their hours.
I've posted their hours but if ever
in question just call them first.
Lunch: Friday to Sunday 11:30 - 3
Dinner: Tuesday - Sunday 5 - 9
Closed Mondays

So here are some pics from my phone.
Jake's ricotta and spinach ravioli with pesto.

My ricotta and spinach ravioli with bolognese.

the entire experience was heightened by
a very bright, hungry, unexpected guest!
It's as if he caught a waft of the fresh
tomato basil soup 

from up in the 
bush and hopped down to 
see if we were the 
sharing type.
As if to say, "Me too!
What did you guys order me?"

He was huge!
You can't really tell by this picture,
but he was nearly 3 inches long. 
No wonder he was so hungry.
Nervous that our new little friend might
be confident enough in our company to spring up on me,
TrueLove thought it might
be fun to see if the big Green Goblin
might like a little salami.
He did!

I hope this works. I've never posted video before.

As soon as TrueLove offered it,
this guy reached out and clutched on to it,
more like locked on to it
for dear life.
He would not let it out of his grip.
In his tight grip he managed
to climb up the water glass
and do a back climb
up the shrubbery.
He took that salami
back there trying 
to binge in privacy.
Except that we kept watching and laughing.
We made lots of new friends that day
as everyone wanted to come visit 
and observe the praying Mantis
that snacks on salami.
He hung onto that piece for at least
25 minutes.
What fun!
You never know who you might meet
when you're dining in downtown Danville.

We also met some of these the other day too.
It's the time of year when people start torturing- I mean dressing up their dogs.
It was a weiner dog mixer group,
or something like that
parading all over downtown.
We met several hot dogs, a tinker bell, a devil and ladybug.
You really never know who you might meet.
And you never know who might join you
for a lunch downtown on the patio
at Mangia Mi.
"and me too!"

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