Friday, September 30, 2011

Fine Art by Tom Matousek

meet amazing art!

Louis Armstrong, oil on canvas, 30"X48"

Sometimes you see art that just takes your breath away. 
When you admire my friend, Tom's artwork you are impacted by the size, color and exceptional
ability to capture the essence of a person. This artwork I find so brilliant because he's able to 
execute a perfect likeness in this prismatic style that he discovered inside himself very recently.
Tom Matousek, is a self taught, San Francisco Bay area artist, 
who is no stranger to the creative. 
He has done decorative murals both commercial and 
residential, has an eye for design, runs a construction business, yet very recently
discovered the passion and gift of creating these high drama, fine art, pop culture portraits.
I am so captivated by them that I had to post them for my corner of the world to enjoy as well.
My photography does not do justice to his work, in fact the above painting has much more blues in real life
and the yellows are more citrusy. The art simply envelops you and captures your attention in the way that you
just linger there. I love that! I love art that holds the attention of the spectator. His keeps you there in awe. I feel like his art reveals the radiant beauty inside these creative souls. 

I took the above picture to give an idea of the size of these beauties. They actually have a larger than life quality to them as well as the clarity of the images seem to have life to them. I've noticed that the image becomes more clear as I stand back, which is a super spiritual quality to me. Isn't it true in life that as you step back from
situations, your perception changes and is often more defined? 

SOLD Tom Waits, oil on canvas, 48"X60"

John Coltrane, acrylic on canvas, 48"X30"

Van Morrison, oil on canvas, 48"X60"

Here is a new one he's working on. It looks like a sculpture emerging from the stone.
I love it just as is, but I'm sure it will blossom into a stellar picture like the others.
Anyways, I thought you all might enjoy these pieces. You got a small viewing of this man's unique gifting.
I wish everyone could see them in person as my camera seems to have
added some extra golds and reds to the images. 
Of course if you are in the market for original
fine art you can contact him.
925 787-1225 or
Prints are available. You can contact him for pricing or perhaps
commission him for an art piece.
Either way, I thought I'd share the experience of marveling at beautiful work.

Miles, oil on canvas, 16"X20"

Thursday, September 29, 2011


A few weeks ago
I posted the page "Mikey! He likes it!"
In that post I tried to candidly
tell you all about how hard I've tried to get my kids
to regularly consume healthy foods.
I thought that someone out there might be able to relate
and might in turn be inspired to try
some of the things that
I've tried that work.
Saving the agony
of sour faces,
"toxic waste"
the like 
that I have endured over the years.
I also promised to give you two 
green smoothy recipes
that are 
without fail
With the Kids!
Yes, they are winners with me as well,
but I don't gag at that thought of
eating healthy foods,
I rather enjoy!
But for kids,
especially the one picky eater in my home,
the one that prefers
beige food-
do you see a pattern?
The idea of this child getting excited about a 
Green Smoothy
is actually worth telling about.
So, here is the second recipe.
It's been adapted from one that I found
in  Real Simple magazine.
Let's call it 
"Green Vanilla"
as to not frighten the beige eaters,
after all,
Vanilla is creamy colored (well it's actually
quite dark espresso color, but thanks to the ice cream
industry we can reference vanilla as a shade between white and beige).
Here's what you need:

Now, you must not let the picky eaters
see this stuff. 
It seems impossible that grapes, spinache, coconut milk, and vanilla protein powder
are going to make an enticingly sweet drink,
even while I'm splashing one down now,
it is a mystery to me,
but trust me-
And they will love it!
I feel it is my necessary to explain that the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
is absolutely divine.
If you read the first posting then you can sign out,
but if this is new to you,
then it's worth noting that this powder 
has been a God-Send to our home.
20 grams of vegan protein per serving
gluten free
no junky junk (you know what I mean)
no saturate fats
no cholesterol
no trans fats
no artificial sweeteners
no artificial flavors
(tastes like real Tahitian Vanilla, I'm telling you)
and no artificial colors.
It tastes AMAZINGLY good.
Almost like vanilla cake batter.
But without all the chemicals and junk.
It fills us up.
It does not bloat us all up
and if you are familiar with protein powders then 
you know what they can do to one's
digestive track.
All those pumped up farty weight lifters at the gym,
you know,
they are not drinking this protein powder.
It's fabulous!
We buy it from my friend Kris who just looking at 
how healthy and gorgeous she is,
makes us want to know what
she's eating and how
she's maintaining.
That was a side note.
Main text.
Try the smoothy.
Try the Protein Powder.
I will be giving you more amazing smoothy recipes
as time unfolds,
because they are the easiest
way to pack in a bunch of
nature's abundance
first thing in the 

It's cool, sweet, light, refreshing, nutrition packed,
and best of all
the kids will like it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Auction House Grand Opening!

It's finally here!!!
September 28, 2011
6:00 pm

AH as in "aaaahhhh"
we are so excited to have an 
auction house in our very own 
back yard.
Please see my post 
"Auction House is Here!"
for more information about why we
are so excited about this!
See you there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reliveit! Carmel

We just had a whirlwind weekend trip to
Carmel by the Sea
great friends!

It started with just the four of us chilling around Ocean Avenue
and grabbing some quick "snacks"

See the hog up there breathing on my son?
Yeah, that was fun.
We grabbed our own fire pit and just enjoyed each other.
And speaking of "Hog's Breath"
we sure had it after 
we stopped here.
Spicy Garlic Fries.
Need I say more?
This was real fresh garlic from Gilroy
and man
the whole inside of my head
was taken over by 
the lingering presence.
Even my eyeballs felt hot.
They were good.

I must apologize for the lame pics you are going to have to suffer through.
Guess who forgot her camera?
So all of these were taken with my phone and not half bad,
but I do apologize.


eek! might have needed to photoshop 
the right side of that picture

And an apology to anyone on the patio that
endured our silliness that afternoon.
Oh yes,
we were very silly 
and there are pictures to prove it
but unfortunately 
they are on TrueLoves' phone.
After that, 
our friends treated us to a lovely
play at 
Just imagine how fun it was to watch
Little Orphan Annie
with picnic basket bursting with hot food,
wine and nibbles,
outside (good thing too-remember the garlic breath?) under trees and stars-well
maybe not stars-fog, but beautiful dreamy whispery kind-of-fog,
in a rocky amphitheater flanked with fire pits.


I apologize for the run-on sentences.
You'd never believe I once taught a writing class.
So we also enjoyed some very dramatic special effects
a flash of lightning 
stretched above the set
followed with that
awesome rumble that reminds you
that nature is alive
and will make a cameo appearance
if it so chooses.
It was a lovely memory.
Even the short drive home was romantic.
Driving through the sheer fog,
street lamps glowing,
tiny streets that are interrupted
by strong crooked trees,
that misty reminder that you are
The next morning was scrumptious!
Slept in
ate breakfast spectacular-
(which is what my SweetFriendJill calls "low key")
fresh juicy fruit, fluffy eggs, sizzling sausage, 
and buttery chocolate croissants
served hot right out of the oven.
(I might have just drooled thinking about it.)
Espresso and I'm pretty sure there was 
champagne too.
I'm not sure why,
but do we need a reason?
Oh I know.
Sleeping in!
 Definitely a reason to celebrate!
Sorry no pics.
We were too busy indulging.
Trust me it was gorgeous!
Then to top off how gorgeous our morning was,
we lingered.
We lingered for hours on a foggy day,
in a cozy cottage,
just enjoying 
good company,
good coffee,
good memories.
Then we ate again.
Just so you know,
this is how we vacation. 
Some people like adventure,
sight seeing,
but not us.
We like those things.
But when we are honest with ourselves,
vacation really revolves around
amazing food around 
every corner.
And conveniently,
Carmel is filled with 
fabulous food
around every corner!
So we were in the right place.
So for lunch our friends introduced us to a fabulous place!

Home Page

Oh jeez!
They make their own cheese!
(I did not intend for that to rhyme-just a cheesy coincidence.)
This place might be beyond words.
It felt like a food court in the way that it was inside the breezeway
of a mall
(a quaint little Carmel mall just sayin'),
the food faire completely
blew away any previous reference
of food experienced in this kind of venue.
It's one of those places where they understand
that if you use the 
that you don't need much more.
It felt farm-to-table fresh to me.
Farm-to-table delicious.
Why had I not been there before?
I probably would have misjudged it by it's location.
No view.
People crowded around your table.
But as I said,
it would have been a misjudgment
They make their own mozzarella!
I saw it and it nearly sparkled.
This is a place you go where ambience does not even need to play a roll.
Everything is second fiddle to the amazing local ingredients
and decadent flavor.
Go there for the food.
Already planning how soon I can
get back there.
(Because I saw the fresh mozzarella after I ordered 
and now I'm obsessed).
Yes, the girls and the boys,
did a divide and conquer,
although there was nothing to conquer
fun to be had.
So with full bellies,
focused pursuit,
the ladies shopped
and the boys
So fun!
anybody who's anybody
knows that shopping
also involves snacks!
Don't judge us.
Shopping uses energy and 
we tried a lot of things on.
So we earned ourselves a little treat 
and tucked into

Pastries and Petals, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
sorry for the lamo pic

This is a bakery cafe from Heaven.
All I can say is
"Cinnamon Pull-Aparts".

I'd describe to you the taste sensation,
but I'm afraid you would
be mad at me
you'd have to get in the car now
and drive to Carmel
order one.
But after the long drive (depending on where you are)
you couldn't just get one.
You would buy a whole case of them.
And you wouldn't be able to stop 
yourself from eating them
on your way home,
so you must 
go there
you are in Carmel and taste for yourself.
And the "petal" part?
you ask?
There is a fresh garden picked arrangement
on every table
every plate that
comes out of the kitchen
has a sweet little flower on it.
I just saw all the girly-girls smile when they read that.
Me too.

Pastries and Petals

Well now we're on to dinner at Demetra's.
And all of my silly pics from my chair.
Delicious mediterranean faire,
with the most gracious hospitality you will find on this continent-
smiles-hugs-cheek kissing-compliments-and-

Who does this anymore?
They do.
It's wonderful.
And so are they.

And so are they.

And so are they.

the young ones wanted to go back to the cottage for
facials (the girls did)
So the old ones went down to the 

Cypress Inn: Front of hotel

Entertainment is an understatement.
(again, did not intend for rhyme)
I'm stumbling with the right words to describe this place.
It is a landmark boutique hotel,
owned or co-owned by Doris Day,
nestled in Mediterranean architecture and 
meticulously appointed decor.
It's glamorous and cozy.
You can step into their lounge after dinner
and curl up with a decadent wine on a gorgeous deep sofa
or handsome wing back chair,
as if you are in someone's home,
while listening to live jazz.
as much as I've described it's 
beauty and warmth,
nothing can prepare one for the pampered
guests that pepper this 
glorious place.
It's so hard to believe it until you experience it.
It's a dog friendly hotel.

Cypress Inn: Lobby

This picture I grabbed from tripadvisor was photographed during the day
but at night it's dark and dreamy
and there are dogs
cute dogs
ugly dogs
big dogs
barking dogs
fluffy dogs
dogs that match their owners
It actually reminds me of that Dr. Suess book Dog Party.
They are in the lounge,
by the fire,
on the patio,
in the bar,
in the walkways,
in the beds.
Such an amusing experience.
And don't let the dog thing fool you.

There's Ginger, our friend's dog.

This place is top shelf,
from the decor,
to the food,
to the service,
to the live music.
It's first class all the way,
except there are dogs
So fun.
So we are winding up our whirlwind weekend
by saying that we had to leave
Sunday morning early
to go home and
host the CAbi 
party I mentioned in a previous
On our way out,

"Oh no you didn't?" you say?
Oh, yes we did!
We went back to 
Pastries and Petals.
It wasn't fair.
The boys didn't get to go with us the day before.
So there we are.
Very happy.

Rich Velvety Hot Cocoa
Grilled Nutella Sandwiches
Eggy Sandwiches
Vibrant Fruit
Foamy Cappuccinos.
It was a perfect cap 
(no pun intended)
to a perfect
Thanks "Bagels"!
Making Memories!