Friday, September 16, 2011

8 Balls!

Ooooohh, Do I love these guys!

Zucchini is my FAVORITE veggie of all!
My FAVORITE zucchini of all are these!!!!
At least that's what the guy 
I buy them from calls them.
I know they have other names
because I've had 
embarrassing dialogues with grocers 
trying to find them.
If you know some of the other names,
please comment, 
the more I know about them, the better.

I set them up for a mini-modeling session.
These are their close ups.

Coming down the runway.

They are not very professional. 
This is them getting bored and unruly.
I found them this week and I was
They are so awesome to grill
because they have some surface area. 
They hang on to the grill,
no slipping through the cracks.
And they fit really well on a hamburger bun,
portobellos, tomatoes or anything
round you want to stack.
And about grilling,
here's a new tip I learned from my
Slice up your zucchini (any variety) and 
let them sit
for a while
till they sweat a little.
I'd Sea Salt them to get it started
but you don't have to.
The natural sweating of the zucchini's creates
a non stick property.
You can throw them on the grill with out
any fatty oil.
I think that's pretty cool!

MMMM. They taste so good.
They take on a buttery nuance when they
are grilled. They get so juicy!
They only need a little oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil, and Sea Salt&Pepper, to be decadent and delicious.
They are not decadent
but they taste like it with very
little intervention.
Sometimes I  might sprinkle a little bit of
Lawry's Seasoned Salt or Paprika for smoky flavor. 
But so not needed.
These are stand alone veggies.

So, tomorrow I am going to post
a scrumptious recipe
that showcases these babies
and one of their yummiest
squash cousins,
Butternut Squash.
Stay tuned.

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