Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sea Salt

I promised to tell you why I love 
Sea Salt 
and why I recommend tossing that table
salt over your shoulder
and I don't mean for good luck
I mean for

Rock salt, Crystal salt, Salt Lick, Salt Peter, Salt&Peppa, Salt Rub.
I ran out of Salt references, although one of those has nothing to do with Salt.
Oh salt salt salt.
I love it!
If people could walk around 
with a salt lick
I'd probably
do it.
I love it.
I love the taste.
I love sprinkling it all over everything.
And if you've read some of my recipes
you might be worried about my 
heavy-handedness with it.
Since I am NOT an expert
click this link
to the
which gives a beautiful explanation
of it's virtues.

With my "wanna-be-expert-but-still-totally-not-expert"
hat on,
I will briefly try to tackle this one,
but please read the article
"Unrefined Sea Salt vs.Table Salt"
on that blog.

The main thing is that our bodies need Magnesium
and salt is full of it.
Magnesium helps our bodies absorb Calcium,
magnesium helps our muscles not to cramp up,
magnesium is a mineral--
see, I don't know everything,
just enough to know that I don't want companies
washing it off my salt.
What the heck?
Not to mention that the healthy stuff gets washed off and 
then they add a bunch of other stuff
which are bad, bad, bad.
Sea Salt is actually considered a health food.
Salt is needed by our cells
and we constantly lose it through
yucky stuff (pee, sweat, that kind of eeww.)
So we do need to replace it.
Ask an Iron Man Athlete if they use Sea Salt or table salt.
Just curious.
So not all my readers are interested in health foods and 
alternatives to all the stuff they've lived with for years,
I bet my readers want their food to
 taste good.
Just do your own taste test.
Lick your finger,
dab the Sea Salt.
Now lick your finger,
dab the table salt.
Probably tasting chemicals.
I buy this brand
and I have a mortar and pestle.

Buy the crystals
and grind them yourself.
Have the kids do it.
When guests come over,
they like to do it.
It's like tapping into our Pioneer 
roots or something.
It's fun.

You will pay about $5 for a small bag of crystals
and $10 for the same bag ground for you.
(insert colorful language here.)
So do it yourself.
$5 for salt?
Taste it and you will be hooked.
It's not bleached or treated and it's salty.
You don't need a lot.
And you certainly don't need to 
shakey, shakey, shakey.
Shaking is for your hips
not your seasonings.
You will sprinkle it on
with your fingers.
That's how you do it.
The taste is more concentrated so shakey would be
flavor overkill
even for me.
Love. Love. Love.
God made it.
It's good.
To my friends out there that like to dip into the GoodBook you'll remember
that there is a reference to salt
"if salt loses it's saltiness then what good is it?"
Although I am using it slightly out of context
(is there such a thing as "slightly out of context?")
it makes me think of 
But is it good if all the goodness is washed away?


  1. Hey Nicole! Been using kosher salt for the past few years, but this sounds healthier. Where do you buy it?

  2. Wendy, that would have been so helpful for me to put in. One Earth in Danville, Whole Foods or specialty markets. Lunardi's does not have it, nor do any of the major stores. I know you'll love it!

  3. Love reading about salt and your blogging in general Nicole! Thanks for the invitation to view your fun, fun view of the world!

  4. Sooo I remembered this post and re read it as I'm now eating my eggs and avocado toast (topped with a touch of this sea salty goodness! mmm and tastes even better knowing how my body can absorb more calcium... : )

  5. I'm so glad you lovely ladies are enjoying this precious gift from the sea. It really is a treat and so different from other sea salts and the icky table kind. I hope you continue to enjoy it forever!