Thursday, September 1, 2011

MVP's Recipe #1

I received a request for recipes using the goodies I brought home from last Saturday's Farmer's Market. I had posted pictures of what I called "Most Valuable Players". This is not the appetizer that I mentioned, but I promise it's coming. 
This is just a light lunch I put together, using these ingredients. 

First I sliced up the Tomato in thick slices 
and the Lemon Cucumber in thin slivers.

I didn't photograph every step. 
It's almost intuitive what you will do with these ingredients.

I started water to poach a Farm Fresh Egg because I was STARVING and needed the protein blast to this light little wimpy, BUT SCRUMPTIOUS, lunch. 
Poached Egg optional.
I minced the clove of Garlic.
I set that juicy, sensual slice of tomato in the center of a salad plate.
Drizzled the Persian Lime Olive Oil
 in a little pool on top of the Tomato and let some drops land on sides of the plate for later dragging.
I set some Lemon Cucumbers on there and did a light oil drizzle again.
I planted those tiny bits of Garlic over it.
I also lightly drizzled my new FAVORITE vinegar, Coconut Vinegar!
(Oh, you know that is a future posting.)
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar or Balsamic would make a fine alternate.
I sprinkled liberally with Sea Salt, Pepper, and that Goat Milk Feta.
This cheese is gorgeous.
Salty, soft and luscious.

Then I got busy topping it off with the Lemon Basil leaves. They are very small leaves compared to their cousin Basil Leaf which would be a fine substitute if you don't have the luxury of this item. 
So I left the tiny leaves whole.

I salted and peppered again.
I admired how fresh, bright and nutritious it looked.
I smiled thinking of how I was going to savor every little feminine bite.
But DA-ANG! 
and getting a little impatient. 
Snapping shots was stalling my indulgence.
So I remembered that Farm Fresh Poached Egg and set that on the plate too.
I salted and peppered again lightly. 
In a future posting I will explain why I use ONLY Celtic Sea Salt and why I do not give a second thought to the liberal use of it. Stay tuned. If you are using normal iodized table salt, then sprinkle lightly.

That's good and all but I was HUNGRY!!!
And starting to get grumpy because I took so long on the last picture that I didn't get the Poached Perfection I was anticipating.
So I just layered a bunch more goodness on the side.

Not pretty, but it didn't matter at this point. 
I had already eaten half the egg!

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