Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Custom Chalk Board Wall

 DON'T DRAW ON THE WALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not any more.
This wall is a chalk board."
                                "What?! It's not green or black?"
"I kno-oow! It's Juicy Orange."

Enough silliness.
It's easy. 

Start with 1Cup of this:

Your choice of color.

 ADD 2 tbsp of this:


It will come out looking like this:

I hope you can see the ripples and the bubbles in the texture.
That's it!
Now you are ready to start slappin' that stuff on your wall.
Just remember that chalk makes dust when you are considering where to use the application!

The mixture is not a science, I know this because I didn't even measure. Remember that I said earlier that "I am NOT a perfectionist." Well I needed more than a measly little one cup portion to cover that big wall. I did the math in my head, quadrupling the batch and then shook that can of grout over the paint till I thought it looked right.
The texture of my paint resembled thick oatmeal.
It can look like the picture which is grainy to how mine looked, thick and lumpy. Either is fine.

When it dries, grab some chalk, and go crazy!

Now, this is a tutorial about mixing your own custom colored batch. There are plenty of tutorials on line, including Martha Stewart, that will give you a more complete guide to prepping the wall, sanding, finishing the wall with sanding and wiping....blah! blah! blah! I just didn't feel like I needed to tell you how to do all the steps that I completely skipped! (Did you see the pics of his room? I had too many things to get done in one week to stop and do all the steps Martha said to do. And it still came out fine!)

Other ideas:
For smaller projects use Acrylic Paint instead of the Latex and mix the same.
Growth Charts
Paint it right over a mirror. Smoother surfaces are much easier to draw on. (thus Martha's sanding. Pft!)
Dresser Drawers
Mud Rooms
Game Tables
Pantry Doors
Endless Ideas- I'd love to hear your ideas, how you've used it or plan to on future projects.

Thought you'd like to see how the wall is working for us!