Saturday, August 20, 2011

Olio! (oh-lee-OH!)

Olio! (Oh-lee-oh!)
Yup! Oh, to pick a name for a snapshot into my life, a sneak peak into my heart and head and a display of my artsy-fartsy creations. Not an easy task for something that is to sum up ME. 
Why Olio!?
I'm glad you asked. 
Nicole is my name. 
My mother used to call me "Nicoli", which I always hated. (It even looks wierd). Hey WAIT! She still calls me this. Maybe I hated it because she often would follow it with "Ravioli" so it would rhyme, "Nicoli Ravioli". Yeah! Sounds like a chubby kid. Which I was. And if I was bitter I could blame my deep love for food on that. But I'm not. I love that my mom raised me on FABULOUS Italian food. I just don't want to be addressed like something that sounds like a menu item.
was a boy's name. 
I love, but it only sounded lovely coming out of my Zia Romilda's broken English Italian accent. Actually, she's the only one that ever called me that. 
was created by my highschool peeps, but short lived because it reminded me of "coal", the kind you never want to be unlucky enough to find in your Christmas stocking. 
                                                 But one day, my older brother (his nicknames are way more exhausting than mine), called me, 
It sounded like me. Of course, my favorite was when he called me, "Olie-Olie-Olie-OH!" sang like the thing you say when you are a kid playing hide-and-seek and you're just about to go look for all of your friends. 
            This is how "Olio!" was born!
I LOVED IT! To end on the "Oh!", as in, "Oh! how fabulous!" or "Oh! how delicious!" or "Oh! I love it!" (All things that one would love to hear regarding their life and offerings). Till this day, only a few old kindred souls have referred to me as "Olie" or " Olio!" and it brings a huge "oh! I-am-so-loved-kind-of-smile" inside. They know who they are. But now, I'm inviting my whole world into this sweet special name for ME. AND or this blog. EW! The word "blog" sounds like... let's just say I like it worse than my original nickname. 

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