Friday, November 11, 2011

Roasted Red Pepper Spread

Here's an easy great breakfast or lunch.
I had this for lunch
and am so satisfied with my nutritious,
flavor packing lunch.
And it was so easy.
I poached and egg.
I toasted a whole wheat sourdough English Muffin.
I opened a jar of 
Red Pepper Spread
and put it all together.

It needed a little dusting of 
Celtic Sea Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper, and dried Parsley.

I had forgotten about how good this spread is.
It is Red Pepper (which I don't usually care for, but love in this combination),
with Eggplant and Garlic.
The color is vibrant, the flavor is bold and for my TuesdayMorning challenge that I gave myself,
buckle up for good news friends!
0 pts.
0.5 Fat, 2g Total Carb, 1 Fiber, and 0 Protein
and that is for a whole tablespoon.
So I piled it on my English Muffin and topped it with a velvety rich
Farm Fresh Egg from my little chickys in the hen house.
Whole meal- 6 pts if you eat both sides of the muffin.
Of course I did.
But if I were workin' my points like a rockstar, I'd probably do this 
1/2 and open face because I am not skimping on
the nutritional bombshell egg sitting on top.
tell me if you like this friends.
Of course,
it's worth noting that this jar is less than $3,
and you could bring it out to mingle with your fresh 
veggies for quick munchies, spread it onto a whole wheat tortilla with some left over roasted chicken and spinach strips, tweak a caprese appetizer by slicing a thin bite of fresh mozarella, spreading a spoonful on top and capping with a fresh basil leaf.
 For dinner,
my daughter is mixing a large dollop of it with canned tomatoes, for change up on pasta sauce. Added a few small fresh mozarella balls, chili flakes, parmesan, and another small dollop on top for dragging noodles through. Very nice. Not sure of points, but when in doubt, eat out of a small ramekin and you'll be fine.

 I'd like to try it with some cannellinni beans, small drizzle of olive oil, salt/pepper, and a little dollop of this spread on top.
You could try anything.
It's cheap in price and points,
so have fun friends
and let me know what you like to do with this.

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