Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gluten Free Cherry Mango Scones

Yesterday morning I made scones.
I must laugh!
I didn't see this when I was photographing it,
but doesn't it look like my scone has a little smiley face?
I love it!
And it should be smiling, it definitely made us smile!
Confession coming...
I've never made scones before.
I thought that I didn't have the patience for the 
"cutting in butter" part
and I thought it would be hard,
but it turns out after watching
lots of cooking shows 
that it's not hard at all.
Of course in perfect form,
I forged through this recipe even though
I didn't have any butter OR sugar.
What on earth?
I have honey, agave nectar, raw honey, powdered sugar and coconut palm sugar crystals,
but no sugar.
Perfect form.
Turns out that coconut oil and the coconut palm sugar crystals
worked just fine
and these were so good
that I'm thinking about making them tomorrow too.
1) They were so good!
2) Because so, there are none left and I want some!

Here's what you need:
1 tsp baking powder
4 TBSP coconut oil (or butter)
2/3 C Almond Milk (or whatever milk)
1/3 C coconut palm crystals (or sugar)
1/2 C dried cherries and mango
1 egg

Yield 10 scones:
Preheat 375
Mix the dry ingredients and cut in the coconut oil
with two knives. 
Add milk and egg combining it all with a fork.
Dough is thick.
Drop large dollops onto an ungreased cookie sheet
or baking stone.
Bake 15 - 17 minutes.

Serve warm with coconut oil and jam.


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