Friday, November 4, 2011

Today is our last day to prep for Jake's first speech tournament.
The title of his speech is the same as the title
of this post.
He is an artist.
I know I brag tons on this blog about Calli because our
interests are so similar. She's like a little me around here, 
 she is MUCH nicer! 
Sometimes I pray that I will become more like her.
She really is one of the most precious people I've ever met
and proof that you do your best to raise your kids,
but God's graciousness completely overrides our best attempts,
meaning I can't claim credit for how sweet and delightful she is.
However, today I am going to brag about my boy.
I adore him.
He is an artist, an artist, and an artist.
He is technical, skilled and some of the most amazing things 
that he does are completely self taught.
He is allowing himself to be stretched in this speech club
and especially by rising to the challenge 
of this extra-early-in-the-season qualifier tournament.
As he ran through his speech a final time before bed,
I saw in his eyes the light, wonder and pride of workmanship-
because he knew that he rocked it.
You see,
drawing, sculpting, and composition 
come naturally to him-
almost easily
and he is impressive.
But speech, performing, and competing
do NOT come naturally
and he felt the feeling you feel
when you did something hard
and did it well.
Brag. Brag. Brag.
Naturally, this reminds me that this is the kind of 
growth and character development
that I want to continue to experience in my own life.
I want to do some hard things too.
 I want to sign up for another half marathon.
I want to train consistently.
I want to make my Weight Watcher goal.
I want to take some more mission trips.
And a long list of personal things that I'd like to do even better.
We all have them.
So Jake's speech reminds me that one thing at a time,
with focus and discipline,
the help and coaching from those who love me,
practice practice practice,
that we can accomplish super hard things.
A big cheer for all the students in Jake's speech club,
best wishes, big prayers for an awesome first tournament.
Have a happy Friday everyone
a big cheer for you and the super hard things
you're working on!

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  1. I LOVE that photo and the spectacular kids in it!