Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spaghetti Squash Trick

I love Spaghetti Squash.
In fact I've been talking about it a lot over the past weekend.
On Friday,
four people told me that they had never tried 
Spaghetti Squash
and it got me thinking that perhaps I needed to share
with my blog friends how fun this squash is.
It is God's magic spaghetti trick.
It's just the neatest thing to see.
It has a very light, slightly subtle taste
and is a wonderful canvas for many different flavors and toppings.

So, my LovelyFriendRuth passed on a trick to me, 
that I tried and am crazy about.
Let's rewind a second.
Before Ruth passed on this trick 
preparing spaghetti squash was a bit laborious 
and took some muscle work
and patience.
I used to struggle through cutting the tough skin, scooping out the slimy seeds,
it required a water bath
and about 45 minutes in the oven (at least that's how I remembered it).
Most of us in our busy lives,
don't like to put that much muscle into something other than the gym.
Here's what you do:

Stab it a few times.
 (I did it 8 or 9 because it was pretty fun.)
Weigh it.
(I just dropped it onto my bathroom scale, mine was 3.2lb to give you an idea,)
You will stick it in your microwave.
(Sorry my gourmet friends. I never "cook" with the microwave 
 but for this application, it is magic!)
5 minutes per pound.
Mine took 15 minutes.
Then when you take it out with hot pads.
you will cut off the stem, cut it down the center,

easily scoop out the seeds,

and then the fun part.

Run a fork through the fleshy yellow meat and watch
spaghetti appear!
This is good news for TuesdayMorningFriends-0pts,
Gluten Free eaters,
and probably a whole lot of other specific diet restricted individuals.
Do whatever you please with the rest.
I usually put a dollop of Coconut Oil on top, Sea Salt, Pepper, Herbs and some Parmesan Cheese.
You could transform it into a super lovely dessert with Ghee and Brown Sugar.
Sometimes I make it just like spaghetti with Marinara Sauce and 
some fresh Mozzarella on top.
Basically you do whatever you like.
Ruth likes hers with black beans and salsa. She says that the flavors really
work for her with spaghetti squash.
Well, we tried it.
Ruth's right!
The dish in the photo is probably 4 pts because of the beans.
Without it-0pts for tons of the squash with salsa.
The light flavor and texture
 lends itself to all sorts of lovely combinations.
It is so much fun!
You could serve it right in the shell if you are just starving,
or I just put it all in a serving bowl and toss the shell.
Or you could do it like Calli did and layer it all up
with taco fixings inside a taco shell,
and just go for it.
Try it
and please let me know how you like to serve 
Spaghetti Squash.

And here's something else we're excited about.
This weekend we'll be joining forces with 
Samaritan's Purse,
Creekside Community Church,
and a bunch of super chic, fun homeschool families
to put together shoe boxes filled with Christmas
treats to children in poverty all over the world.
Operation Christmas Child
is always so much fun
and I can't wait to get packing.
And here's something that just cracked me up.
After seeing the eye doctor yesterday,
I noticed this in our speech classroom today.
It might be hard to read:
"If you can read this you are too close to my coffee.
Are you blind? Back away from my coffee."
I find humor in this because
one of the nicest, sweetest, and decent ladies on earth
was drinking from it.
And I'm not quite sure that's coffee in there.


  1. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this lovely Friday evening. Did you remember to add cilantro with the beans and salsa. Delicious!!! I just may have to go microwave another one!

  2. I never even thought of putting spaghetti squash in a taco. I am trying it.