Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Here's something exciting!
For our Supperclub,
I signed up to bring an autumn dessert.
Except, in perfect form, the decadent carmel and pecan
cheesecake recipe that I planned to bake,
required chilling overnight.
That meant that I was not baking a dessert, 
but picking one up.
When I was little and would visit my Grandma Casatico
in Oakland,
I would marvel and grumblecomplaingrumblecomplain
 at how we would go to several stores
to find the right deal. We would walk, ride the bus and well-walk,
all over town till my feet were sore
and my spirits.
We would laugh about how my mom would also drive
great distances for the right kind of dressing,
a certain jam
or the best baked bread.
I, wonderfully, got this gene from both sides of the family.
I'm not showing up at Supperclub with just any dessert.
I'm going to buy the best thing possible on short notice.
So what does that mean?
It means that Calli and I drove to Berkeley,
to buy cupcakes from a 
cupcake truck.
Oh jeez.
It sounds horribly indulgent and completely neurotic and messed up,
that I would do this,
I've had the cupcakes from this truck before
and they are not just
They are like little decadent desserts that honestly require
and deserve a plate and fork
to savor properly.
They are divine.
is the genius behind these petite compact little
mouthfuls of WOW!
Also, they are genuinely sweet people who sell and serve these 
They let me order, pay, and come back to pick them up after lunch.
When I returned, the truck was all closed up.
I knocked on the window and out popped 
a smiley friendly face with my box. I asked if it was too late to buy
a few more because my kids were heading to a friends for the night
and I wanted them to have the Smore's cupcakes.
"We're all SOLD OUT. Sorry. We were just hanging out waiting for 
you to pick up your box."
So cool.
Sweet people in this company. It shows in their sweet baked superior product.
They, unfortunately did not have the pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting that I had hoped for,
but salted carmel cupcakes were my second autumny choice
 I know why!
Their other seasonal favorite right now is the
Twinkie Cupcake.
It is a vanilla cupcake with marshmallow filling and marshmallow meringue frosting
topped with toasted coconut.
Next time I will skip the Twinkie and go for their Double Vanilla.
 I never liked Twinkies and I expected the Twinkie to blow way past the Twinkie reference and take me to some elevated sensation of marshmallow loveliness. 
It didn't. But I'm not dissing on the Cupkate's. 
I've tried their Tiramisu, S'more, Lemon Merengue, Red Velvet and their Double Chocolate (not all at once-jeez!), and they are given the grace to have one sleeper when every other one I've tried has been Top Shelf and worth the 35 minute drive (one way).
Of course Calli had to try a Tiramisu cupcake
for after lunch
and it was amazing.
(Really wishing that I'd bought 6 of those rather than the Twinkie
but I was trying to honor the people in our group
that are extremely caffeine sensitive).
It had a ladyfinger crust on the bottom.
Please try
if you ever get the chance.

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