Friday, October 21, 2011

80's Party and Molly Ringwald!

So TrueLove and his PartyPlanningGuruMusicalTriviaGeniusAndDrummingGuruRoger
plan this 80's party. 
It's not an annual event, although the pressure for one is certainly palpable.
It's a costume party, like-so-totally-obvious, musical trivia game
and dance party-
cuz your friends can't dance and if they don't dance then their
no friends of mine.
And it's so much fun.
Last time I went as Ms.PacMan because 
let's just say, she got a lot of my money in the early 80's.
But that costume was a pain in the ask-me-no-more-questions.
When I took the headpiece off my hair looked so
gag me with a spoon my hair looked so totally grody!
My face was uncomfortable, I ruined a dress sticking duct tape dots on it, and 
it took hours to make.
Not this time folks!
In the 80's
I looooooooved Molly Ringwald.
I saw Pretty In Pink way too many times,
I still gasp a little when I hear
if you leave, don't leave now
please don't take my heart away,
and I often was told that I looked like her because
my hair was red, my skin was pasty white-I mean really fair,
and I probably-no definitely-had a little attitude.
Recently at a party, I was given the greatest compliment ever
that an 80's lovin', Molly Ringwald lovin', DIY fashion lovin' person could receive.
"You are SO Molly Ringwald!"
It was in reference to my explanation that the 
"vintage dress" I was wearing was not a dress at all-
really it was a rigged up, thrown together, precariously tied beaded shawl over an
incredibly architectural bustier (boost-E-long A/french word)
with a SimplyVera skirt I had in my closet (spent $10 and never wore), 
embellished with a tied off twisted bracelet
that I ended up having to cut off later that night
(so lame, like I was totally psyched to wear that again).
Here's how it came out.

Me and TrueLove

This picture shows the twisted bracelet on the scarf.

So I love fashion, I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. I just thought that if an outfit earned me
the exceptional compliment of "so Molly Ringwald" that it was deserving of a presence in this post. Trust me we are getting to the 80's party slowly but surely. And this picture is apropo because I am standing next to SweetThoughtfulFunCuteKelley who happens to be the other half of Roger, who I already mentioned hosts this party (80's/not the party in the picture) with TrueLove. He's standing next to CrazyHairCuttingGeniusSo-Much-FunDeb. Who you don't see in these pictures are StarOfTheParty40thSurpriseJillAndToddSecretKeepingPartyThrowingHubbyTodd whose party we we were all so honored to attend. Although it was a sensational party
we're gonna party like it's 1990-ni-ine!
We are now moving on.

For the 80's party,
I wanted a costume that would be comfortable to wear,
serve food, dance in and 
could be worked into my everyday wardrobe. 
This is a tall order I know, but when on a budget,
I'm not going out and spending money on clothes for one night.
nooot gunn- do-it
So riding on this "so Molly Ringwald" compliment
 that I'm still glowing from
even though TrueLove calls her 
Molly Ringworm
still don't like when he does it but always laugh
because it's one of his TrueLove-isms to twist people's names
in such a way to crack me up.
I decided I'm going to come up with a Molly Ringwald outfit.
What better than her Claire outfit from the iconic film
Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club Poster

First! I've been looking around for a pair of dark brown riding boots for fall anyway.
They are around. Boots are everywhere. I am still drooling over the Ralph Lauren boots she
wore for that character, but if I'm not spending money for a costume-
then I'm definitely not spending $1000+ for Ralph Lauren boots.
That's right. Three zeroes.
noooot gunn- do-it
But, I did go to Loehmann's, lured in by an extra discount email I received,
and found a moderately priced pair of LaCanadienne boots that will fit the bill 
of both Claire costume 
perfectly comfortable and sylish for tucking my leggings into!

Also, on the same shopping trip I found the
I'm blushing as I type this because when I found the skirt
I did a little happy dance in front of the sales associate.
don't worry
be happy
Perfect skirt.
Adrienne Vittadini $29, Italian-need I say more?-
but I can wear it as a normal functioning part of my wardrobe,
now! 20 years after the 80's look I'm going for!
I haven't yet found the perfect top, 
but I found an ALMOST perfect top $12 at H&M,
in that it's the perfect color pink.
pretty in pink, isn't she? 
pretty in pi-iiink, isn't she?
caroline talks to you 
softly sometimes.....
And the happy dance I did over the skirt is nothing like the dance
let's dance
put on your red shoes and dance the blues
let's dance
 I did over finding the 
I'm going to wear.
so totally awsome to the max
I found it at Richard's, it belongs to the Floor Manager so he's letting me borrow it for FREE! 
But not without long explanation about why he keeps wigs around (set design and floor displays), but,
Hey! I don't judge him.
I've never told you people this before but...
confession coming!
Major happy dance!
 cut loose, footloose
kick off your Sunday shoes 
I know.
Like Wierd-o-rama!
It's just that since most of my adult life I have worn very short pixie-ish hair,
it's so fun during parties like this to wear a wig. Just to experience what it feels like to turn your head abruptly and feel hair swing around and brush your face. People with long hair take advantage of this mini miracle. I don't. If you are at the 80's party, I'll be the one swinging, flipping and tossing Molly Red Ringwald hair all over the place. It's so fun. 
i whip my hair back & forth
i whip my hair back & forth
(not 80's but kind of fitting)
So I already have the brown skinny belt and over-the-shoulder leather bag sooo 
Claire costume complete!

(I love when I make alliterations without trying! What?! I used to teach middle schoolers Writing.
And you already know that I'm weird because I confessed my WIG love with you.)
So, I hope I didn't bore you all with my meaningless costume babble,
and reliving the 80's.
I just thought that this is the week where people are scrambling around to put together costumes. I hope that I've inspired you to consider choosing costumes that have pieces that can be fitted into your daily wardrobe. Be gutsy and ask to borrow things from a friend or the floor manager at Richard's. People are often willing to help contribute and costumes should not cost a lot of money.
Unless you are rich like Claire in Breakfast club and you can afford to shop like a 
material girl
living in a material world
But really. There are much more important things to spend lots of money on!
fee-eeed the wo-o-ooorld
Time to sign off.
I've got to go listen to my 80's station now to get some of these 
like totally dweeby
songs out of my head.
Have fun finding costumes everybody!

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