Friday, October 14, 2011

Muddy Buddy Mania

At the risk of losing some of my gourmet foodie followers (as if 1. "as if" I have
that many followers and 2. "as if" any of them are believing me to be a credible "gourmet")
I must confess, that I sometimes have a snacky craving that only 
Muddy Buddies 
What are Muddy Buddies?
Muddy Buddies are kid's party food with all the makings of a perfect 
decadent treat. They are irresistible sweet, salty, crunch and YUM. They are "Oh my gosh! Why-are-these-things-so-stinking-good?" good! 
Self control and Muddy Buddies don't party together. And unfortunately, I'm on a bit of a Muddy Buddy kick right now.
Speaking of partying together, I'm going to join it up with the Friday Potluck #55 with Ekats Kitchen to see if there are some more Muddy Buddy fans out there.
I blame it on the kids partially. Their social lives have amped up a wee bit lately due to 
youth groups, sleep overs and such. I almost have myself convinced that they are
a healthy snack- protein, fiber, good fat, and iron,-but let's just go with
they're goooood! 

You need:
Chex cereal (corn, rice, whatever)/ a whole box
1/4 C of coconut oil (if you're a purist you will use butter but I replace butter with coconut oil whenever possible)
1/2 C of Peanut Butter
1C of semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
1 tsp of Vanilla
Pinch of Sea Salt
Powdered Sugar

It's pretty easy. The hardest part is stirring it altogether. You can put them all in a giant ziplock and shake, shake, shake-oh dear! I can't say, "shake, shake, shake" without hearing K.C. and the Sunshine Band's  "Shake Your Booty" inside my head. 

shakeshakeshake shakeshakeshake shake your booty
shake your boo-ooty
Aah, you can, you can do it
very well
You're the best     in the world
I can tell
Oh, shakeshakeshake shakeshakeshake, shake your booty

I'm back. 
I had to groove a little to that song reference, but now I'm back on task.
Let's bring some pictures into this little post.

There's the coconut oil going into the microwavable vessel.

The peanut butter-

 and the chocolate chips. These you melt together in the microwave.
It only takes about 45 seconds. Then you stir it altogether and add
1 tsp of Vanilla and a pinch of Sea Salt.

So now, these little square deliveries of crunchy crunch-crunch are in a big bowl waiting for the choco-nutty, dreamy-creamy coating.

Now the stirring. Stirring, stirring, stirring. I like each square to get covered in chocolate.
(Just a side note that since I worked up this rough draft a week ago, I've made another batch and substituted the chocolate chips for butterscotch chips. 
Oh yes I did! Very good alternative flavor but a wee bit sugary sweet, so 
if you do this, make sure there is ice cold milk on hand.)

Kind of like that. 
Because the powdered sugar needs the chocolaty coating to stick to. 
This is where a giant bag could work, but I don't mind a little tricep work in the kitchen. Plus, when you stir it, typically a few squares jump out of the bowl and then you get to eat them. 
Just an extra perk.
So stir until they all look covered in powdery, sugary snow.

But seriously, 
only make this if there is a crowd around 
because you will not be able to stop. 
And to many Muddy Buddies can lead
to a Chubby Buddy and that's
not so fabulous.
Take my word for it!

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