Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Haiti Orphans Benefit Concert

Spread the Word!
This is going to be a monumentally fun event! 
Buy your tickets at
Tell your friends!
If you remember my latest "Blowing Bubbles" post, 
I introduced you to my AwesomeFriends Bill & Donna Cody 
the wildly fast development of Okipe, 
a cooperative effort to shelter and provide for
orphans in La Gonave.
Here is an awesomely simple way for my friends and family to get involved.
Just come to this event!
This band, House of Painters, is so much fun,
wildly popular in San Luis Obispo,
and I can't wait to enjoy them here in our hometown.
See you there.
I'd love to here comments from my buddies who plan to attend!

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