Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Being Rooted

This is a picture of 
In my neighborhood,
this is how we refer to it.
Not a very sexy word for the amazing 
beauty it exudes this time of year.
All of this crazy color and vibrance is displayed 
every year for just 
the small audience who will
turn the corner up this particular little street.
This is not the best picture of the tree
because I took it at the worst possible time
of day and also because I took it without
asking permission so I was sloppily 
trying to capture it without trespassing
or causing any suspicion. 
However, it is a picture of
We've been know to take pictures
of it for neighbors that have
moved out of the area
or who were traveling
during the month
and would miss
One neighbor has photographed her children
every year in front of it when the colors
are most vibrant and alive.
Now her kids are all grown up and she photographs her
grandkids in front of it now.
The tree is absolutely
And we call it
"the tree".
Such imagination.
During Autumn
when everything is dying and falling off,
the fiery color of these leaves
are a true treasure.

I love this picture because you can see the fallen
leaves just scattered in a majestically beautiful mess.

I bet it's roots are really amazing.
This weekend I've been thinking a whole lot about
For one, I had some gray ones on my head,
and Saturday was my day 
to be pampered and 
get them colored.
But a more significant idea of roots has been on 
my mind since my HeroFriendJeff was here
Friday night speaking to the youth
of our community.
I promise that a "bubble" post is coming
regarding this family that has 
impacted my heart and 
simply blessed my
life with their
He made a comment while speaking to the youth
that will continue to speak to me as I 
grow up, grow up my family, and invest time
in our youth as well.
"And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love,....."
Ephesians 3:17
There is more to this verse and leads to my ultimate favorite of Holy words, 
about God's ability to do things that are beyond our wildest imaginations.
But these words about being "rooted and established in love"
appeared on our wedding invitations humpteen years ago.
So this verse is quite special to me.
But Jeff clarified that Paul did not say things like, 
"IF  we are rooted" or "WHEN" we are are rooted, 
as if something to attain to.
The word is "being" as in "we are" "already."
Then he said something very powerful.
People who know that they are rooted in love
do things 
People who don't know that they are rooted in love
do things 

I know. The sky in my neighborhood is not Bora Bora blue, 
but since I took the photo with brightest sun, I had to enhance a tad,
and instead of a "tad" went heavy handed.

I am still digesting the significance of these words for my own life.
So as I see the wondrous array of Autumn colors reflected in
these trees, scattered all over yards and streets in a big
beautiful mess, on the hillsides like bold bouquets,
I will embrace what this season in
my life holds-
I will also reflect on my roots.
Are my roots strongly secure in the deep-as-the-ocean
love that I am told they are rooted in,
so that when I show off my colors, gifts, and soul 
to the world,
that I am doing it OUT of love.
Not for the attention. 
Not for praise.
Not for love.
Might we embrace the simple miracle of
being rooted.

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  1. I am so glad you wrote this. I was also deeply struck by Jeff's statement but forgot it already. I am writing this verse on my chalkboard wall right now so it gets deeply rooted in my heart! Thanks. Love you.

    PS. I need to walk over and see this tree! I think I recognize where it is.