Thursday, October 13, 2011

Embrace the Camera with the Anderson Crew

Today is my first day
Embrace the Camera 
with the Anderson Crew.
What fun this is!
This picture of Calli and I was captured on the Iron Horse bike trail.
I took it (well I didn't take it), my friend Cynthia took it just moments after I finished the fall decorating projects that you read about Monday and Tuesday.
I hope you read about them.
Someone did.
Anyways, it was a lovely day for Calli and I.
Our boys were gone.
They were busy working on the Annual Woodchopping Trip to the Grandparents.
The sons and grandsons travel up every year on Grandma "G"s birthday to get them all 
set up for winter with firewood and a party at Chevy's for Grandma.
It's a wonderful event that we all look forward to every year and
since this year, we girls couldn't make it, we tried our best
to pack in a bunch of fun girl time.
It began by sleeping in, OOPS sorry chickens (usually Jake lets them out), 
to rushing over to Calli's very first pet sitting job for Carol, my SuperFunFriend from
6 girls 3 boys, so far...
After loving on Broddie and Willis
the sweet little dogs
we got coffee at our new Peet's in town,
then we cruised the Farmer's Market
and bumped into our good friends there.
After that we took a quick walk down to Gardenseed, 
probably our favorite shop on earth,
to buy a gift for Carol who had her birthday
earlier in the week.
We were so happy because months before Calli & I found this item
that made us think of her immediately.
Something that spoke to the seamstress talent in her that
we admire.
We went back to it and lo and behold-
it was STILL there, as if little shopping fairies were
saving it for Carol.
Well Gardenseed is right around the corner from Edge
so we popped in there for peek at all the new Fall offerings.
And we can't go to Edge without visiting our friend Missy at Twigss
Floral Studio next door, 
but OH sad, she was closed.
She was probably delivering gorgeous arrangements to some 
fabulous wedding or party.
So to cheer ourselves up we went next door to Twigss,
which is my favorite little shoe store Tootsies,
and they were having a $20 sale.
That cheered us up.
This was probably a perfect day!
I found a pair of zebra and black leather wedges, 
all funky and strappy
for $20!
Yes a perfect day, except we were just getting started.
We returned home with tomatoes, gift and wedges, but instead of making lunch, 
we made fall decorating projects.
I finished up the entry way.
Calli made a bouquet.
Then we found ourselves on the bike trail.
We love to ride our cruisers down the trail, especially this time of day, this time of year.
I do my running on this very trail and have some of my best talks with
God on this very pavement.
we weren't doing any of that this time.
We were making a movie!
Aren't we faaaaaaabulous?!
Actually no.
my son,
who is ultra creative and amazing,
(much more about him coming in the near future)
is part of a student film production company
"Soda Jerk Productions".
They were filming a scene for their Hitchcock style film.
So that's what Calli and I were doing.
Taking pictures of them filming.
On the bike trail.
But then,
we went to another film location, then
raced home so that
six sweet girls from Calli's 
Thursday night group
could come over for a sleepover.
Hide and seek in the dark,
dancing with the strobe light on
"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes",
manicures and pedicures,
and a whole host of silliness filled our evening.
The neighborhood gangsters, 
I mean the raccoons, (is there a difference?)
 even made an appearance
to the delight and terror of the girls
who had just snuggled in for the night.
Calli and I really packed in a ton of fun
in one day
but with all the awesome things
going on around us,
this is the only picture we got!
Well there were some in the car but we took them ourselves so someone's always squished out of the frame, usually Calli, so it leaves me looking huge, and who wants to see
pictures of mother and daughters 
waiting in the car 
with huge heads anyway? 
This is the only picture we got!
Thanks Cynthia!
Thanks Anderson Crew for prompting us to take more pictures!

embrace the camera


  1. this picture is ADORABLE! so glad you joined us!

  2. Great pic.! I am fairly new to Embrace the Camera, and I lOVE it!