Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coconut Oil

"I'm coo coo for CocoPuffs Coconuts!!!!"
Yes, I am aging myself with pop culture references
to my childhood breakfast cereal commercials.
I don't care. 
Hopefully my beauty regimen of using
Coconut Oil on my skin will prevent me from
looking as old as my references.
I LOOOOVE coconut oil.
I've been using it faithfully since 2007.
2007 is a super significant year
in our families life.
It is the year that the four of us had the joy
of living life completely different.
of ours sent us on a Youth With A Mission,
Discipleship Training School
that included a three month training
in Kona, HI
followed by a two month outreach
to the pacific island of
I will post some highlights of that trip
because today's posting is about
Coconut Oil.
It was in Samoa that TrueLove and I
fell so deeply in love with the
Coconut which led to our fascination
with the oil.
I mentioned Samoa because it was an environment
very challenging to eating a super healthy diet.
We were on a team and a budget,
which resulted in meals
that could easily be
stretched to feed
24 people.
The Samoan diet was very heavy in carbohydrates,
taro, rice, banana, coco samoa and you can imagine
that staying trim would be a challenge. We were
often served spaghetti sandwiches made
with canned spaghetti.
In this environment, TrueLove ended up losing
about 15 pounds rendering him his teenage 
body again.
The only thing he could figure out was that
he'd snack on the meat of a fresh
coconut every day.
They would fall from the trees,
and he enjoyed the process
of carving into them.
When we returned
to our normal life
he began researching Coconuts as a fat fighting food.
It turns out he had accidently stumbled on what
natural health people have known for a 
long time.
The medium chain fat properties of coconut
are used by the body as energy, 
rather than being stored as fat.
OOOOOH! Why did I not join him in his coconut eating ritual every day in Samoa?
So as we researched we began incorporating coconuts into our diet even more.
I began studying the benefits of Coconut Oil because
I had begun making raw meals for a friend
who was battling cancer the gentle way.
Many of the recipes required Coconut Oil
so I just started using it in my own 
cooking too.
I figured if it was good for her
then it was good for us too.
I almost never buy butter anymore.

I cook with Coconut Oil.
I spread it on my toast.
I put it in my smoothies.
I put it on popcorn.
I use it for RiceKrispieTreats instead of butter.
I use it for my MuddyBuddies instead of butter.
I fry eggs with it.
I use it for browning tortillas.
I put it in my oatmeal.
I put it on pasta instead of Olive Oil sometimes.
(I have nothing against Olive Oil but believe the coconut 
to have more beneficial qualities, 
so sometimes I reach for it before my Italian staple.)
I put it in on anything that I would normally use butter for.
When you cook with it, 
just keep in mind that it doesn't brown
the same way that butter does.
It is good for med to medium high heat
and I usually get a nice golden color
from frying with it.
I am not quite up to speed on how to use it for baking,
but I am searching out more recipes that incorporate
The taste is lovely!
It isn't heavily flavored like you might expect.
It has a light, subtle, nutty flavor that in more savory dishes 
is hardly noticeable.
I don't miss butter at all!
My mom was a southern belle who still cooks like one
and I know the value of the comfort of butter in the kitchen,
I was raised on it!
And honestly, as much as I loved it,
I really do not miss it!

I put this post off for a long time because I knew it would be a long one.
Coconut Oil is so awesome!
Trust me,
no one is paying me write this,
I'm not receiving any free product (I WISH!),
not one kick back.
I love this stuff
and I wish that everyone would give
it a whirl in their kitchen
and see if they don't love it as much as I do.
Athletes use this oil,
I have an IronManFriend that scoops it right out of the jar daily
and puts it right down the hatch!
It boosts energy, endurance, and metabolism.
It's good for your heart.
Good for digestion.
Again, it's not stored like regular fats, it's burned as energy
which supports weight loss.
It has high levels of anti-oxidants.

But guess what?
It is anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.
So it helps fight things like-the flu, pneumonia, sore throats, meningitis, cavities, and all sorts of bacterial infections.
It can be used on your skin as:
moisturizer, make-up remover, massage oil, sunburn relief, 
for relief from problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections.
Anti itch cream.
Mosquito repellant.
Healing balm.
Hair styling (smoothing the fly away frizzies).
Scalp Treatment.
Shaving bumps.

So I have a jar in my kitchen and one in my bathroom.
They both are used daily.

We don't stop there either with the coconut thing.
We drink Coconut Milk,
Coconut Water,
eat Coconut Flakes
and are even experimenting with 
coconut flour.

You might want to know which brand I use, 
but honestly I'm not partial to a 
particular brand.
I buy organic,
extra virgin and 
that's it.
I usually go with whichever is the least
expensive on the day that I am 
shopping for it.
I buy it wherever it is most convenient,
but I am delighted to discover
that even Safeway
and Fresh and Easy carry it now.
So send me a comment if I've persuaded you to try it
or if you use it already for something that 
I haven't mentioned yet.


  1. I replaced the oil in my whole wheat pumpkin spice bread with coconut oil and it turned out fabulous!

  2. Jessica! I'd love to try your recipe. How can I get it? It sounds awesome!

  3. Hi there. I love this! I was recently turned on to coconut oil because of this http://www.tampabay.com/news/aging/article879333.ece My father has Alzheimers' Disease, so I have been actually downing the oil straight. I love your post because you are giving me ideas of how to incorporate it into our diets. My problem is that my husband doesn't like the taste of coconut, so I don't usually use it to cook our everyday foods. :-( I bought a gallon of it from Mercola's website and found it to be a good price.

  4. Kaarin! Welcome and thank you for this fabulous response. In all of my research I haven't yet come across this and I think it's worth a future post. Thank you for taking the time out to share this. For husband, I'm sure you've had him try the coconut oil to see how subtle the flavor is. If so, and he still won't have it, you could incorporate slowly and ask the people at the health food store which brands have the most subtle flavor. Otherwise, I'm sure there is a supplement out there for people who just don't enjoy it. Thanks again for the article.