Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Art Reruns

Jake's 2010 pumpkin

Calli's 2010 pumpkin

I had this idea that in the world of blogging that these women
who are crafty, fun, amazing and wonderful do it all!
Well, I'm setting the record strait right now.
They don't.
And I certainly don't!
In fact between speeches, Jake's film company filmings, the 80's party, sleepovers, shopping and preparing party food for 55 people, 
that I didn't take my kids to my favorite pumpkin patch 
or even the supermarket to pick out pumpkins.
No creative carvings.
So I'm posting last years reruns.
It's all I've got folks.
I'm making my favorite chili today
(recipe later this week),
I'm going to go for a run.
I'm going to help my kids with their homework.
And when it's time for trick or treaters,
(which we don't get too many who are willing to endure the walk to the end of the street)
I'll light some candles on the porch next to the pretty uncarved pumpkins.
That's all we've got.
Have fun and be safe everybody.

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