Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursing the Cold

Ib nod geddeeg sig!!!!!
Last night Calli and I felt a soar throat coming on and Jake felt "sduffed uph."
So, we made canned tomato soup,
minced a whole clove of garlic and threw it in there at the end, so it would be raw, potent and contain most of it's healing wonders.
Then, I added some chili flakes to my bowl.
We went to bed early
and woke up feeling like we might 
have an upper hand on this bug.
So today we went straight for the 
ACV Cocktail.
Apple Cider Vinegar that is.
Apple Cider Vinegar flushes out toxins
and I can hardly say this word-
I'll whisper--
mucous and phlegm-
EW! I said it!
So the cocktail is basically
as much apple cider vinegar as you
can choke down. 
See my glass?

I used that much.
Guessing about 3 TBSP.

Mix in as much honey as it takes to
make it palatable,
I go for a big spoonful,
probably 1 1/2 TBSP.

Mix it all up with boiling water.

It's actually super invigorating.
I just pulled this blurb off of their website.

It's so easy to incorporate vinegar into your daily diet. When you wake up in the morning just make a delicious cocktail using 2 teaspoons of raw, organic apple cider vinegar, and if you need a sweetener, use organic honey, 100% maple syrup, or molasses to taste. If you are diabetic, use the sweet substitute stevia. I recommend you use only distilled water. This "Bragg Healthy Cocktail" is designed to flush out wastes that are clogging the organs of elimination, the bowels, lungs, skin, and the kidneys. Take it at least twice a day, and you will start to see changes like increased energy, soft skin, and decreased muscle and joint aches from exercise. Make sure you use raw, organic vinegar, never dead, distilled vinegar because the natural enzymes, minerals, and nutrients are destroyed in the distilling process. Any vinegar that is clear and has no "mother" (the strand-like substance in the bottom of the bottle) has no nutritional value. Natural raw vinegar should be pungent, with a rich, brownish color and a visible "mother." Drinking apple cider vinegar daily, and eating a largely fresh, organic, vegetarian diet, along with following a simple fitness program, will change your life so dramatically you will never go back to your old ways! Get fit, get healthy, and live a long and happy life!

Other things I like are
Oil of Oregano,
Vitamin C in huge doses,
eliminating sugar until the cold is gone,
raw garlic (I know "ewww stinky!" but no one wants to get near you if you have a cold either, so blast that baby),
fresh tomatoes,
soaking in a magnesium/salt bath,
and if you are really stuffed up,
I recommend the saline spray for your nose.
Colds don't linger around here very long.
And drinking lots of water.

So, after my ACV Cocktail,
I wanted to make a smoothy.
Here's what I made.

I love this smoothy because of the childhood memories blended into it. When I was little and we'd spend an afternoon at the mall,
we would get to visit the OrangeJulius stand
and get a smoothy. Our favorite was orange, strawberry and banana.
Loved it!
It was the first smoothy I ever made at home in the blender. For many years, it was the ONLY smoothy in my book.
So I whipped this up today and dressed it up a bit because I thought it might help me feel a wee bit better.
It did!

Here's how you make it:
1/2 C Orange Juice
1/2 C Almond Milk
1 clementine
1 banana
1 1/1 C frozen strawberries
1 scoop of Arbonne protein powder Vanilla
1 TBSP coconut oil

Whirl it all up in the VitaMix.
It will save all of those fresh, healthy enzymes and create a creamy, velvety treat.

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  1. Can I come over to your house when I get a cold? It looks healing.