Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Brought Me a Job

Santa's come early to my house.
He brought me a job!
I'm going back to work!

Here is the long story, made short.
Remember all of those smoothy recipes I posted?
The protein powder ingredient that I plugged
in those posts,is one of our favorite things.
We've ordered it 4 times now, because the
whole family loves it
and I find Calli making it for her friends.
For a few months I've been telling everybody about it
because I'm just like that when I find something awesome,
I want everyone to experience it.
Here's a picture of the addiction:

Since that product was so awesome, I thought I'd 
find out if they had anything for Acne because
it has landed on my beautiful daughter's
skin and I couldn't take it.
A five year old told her that she looked funny
with "those freckles on your forehead."
Calli laughed but I decided it was
time to get serious.
Turns out they did have acne fighting products
and since all of their products are
botanical, integral, and vegan
I thought we'd try it.
Turns out, that after a week of Calli
using these products we are watching
the acne disappear.
And we have not fried her skin with
harmful chemicals in the 

So, after getting my hands on a sample pack of
the Anti-Aging products I
found what works for me!
I have (ashamed to say) spent so much time
and money at the health food store
trying to find the healthiest, purest and best
products and not feeling like
I'd ever discovered anything 
better than the other.
My skin was always tired looking and 
the wrinkles seemed to be going deeper and creeping
into new areas of my face and neck.
These products make my skin very happy!
TrueLove told me that my skin "glowed" the other
day and he didn't know that it was the first day I tried
using one of their creams.
A noticeable difference finally!
So far, the products I've tried have all hit the right note.
I've begun to be quite impressed with Arbonne products.
I talk about them all the time.
I've even given some of my "gluten free" friends protein shake samples to try.
So I finally just asked,
"Why don't I just sell them?
I'm practically selling them already."
So that's my story.

Here's a tid bit about the purity of their products
that I have been impressed with since 
I first bought the protein powder.

Also very impressed with this:
These products are made in the United States
and are still affordable
and GREEN.

And I can glam up too!

So I'm committed to keeping this honest and fun.
The honest part is that I will be an Independent Consultant for
a direct sales company/network marketing.
That means that word of mouth is how I will build this business,
which I was already doing,
but also, I will appreciate my friends trying out products 
and talking about them too.
I have been "used and abused" by network marketers in the past
(college and newlywed days),
who tried to hook us into selling things
by using heavy pressure and a lack of boundaries.
They would not take "no" for an answer.
I felt like they saw me as a dollar sign 
and not their friend.
Yuck Yuck Yuck
I am committed to NOT being that person.
That's the "honest" part.
The "fun" part is that no body pressured me into this,
I just found products that sold themselves, 
and I realized I was "selling" them
without really realizing it.
So I decided to do it!

I will be hosting two parties at my house
for my training.
Friday, December 9th at 7:00pm
Saturday, December 10th at 10:00am
This will be for the purpose of my training
(I've not been to a presentation/party yet),
for friends to become acquainted with the company and the products,
and/or to shop for Christmas gifts.
I've hosted parties for friends
who are in similar sales
and as always,
I never want people in my home to
feel pressure or obligation to spend money.
Just your presence shows me support and encouragement.
Twenty percent of sales will go to Okipe.
If you're reading this,
you are invited!
Also, you can see my Olio! facebook page 
for news and updates.

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  1. Nicole, I am so excited for you. I definitely want to give some products a try. I will let you know about your parties, Brittny's birthday is on the 9th. Hopefully I can make it to one of them. I would live to try the facial products. I just ran out of moisturizer. Perfect timing! Let's try to get together soon.