Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lake Almanor 11

Me and my TrueLove 

Each summer we find ourselves gathering up the kids, their friends, and our friends and heading up to this fabulous place. This is the first year that we ditched camping and rented a cabin. 
A plug for the Dorodo Inn.
My vivacious friend Lisa purchased this very special place a few years ago and has put a piece of her soul into making it a lovely "home away from home" for the faithful vacationers that have made their memories there long before any of us discovered it. 
Had to post a few pics because that means as I post, I get to RELIVEIT.
Two weeks before the kids' school year begins is the time I will cram pack all of my favorite 
And, yes!
I made up a new word: RELIVEIT
(I know. It's really just two words smooshed up next to eachother.)

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