Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Craftivism With Carol

My AllThingsFunAndCreativeFriend, Carol, has been joining together with Craft Hope. With her gift of Hospitality and CrazyGood crafting and sewing expertise, she effortlessly opens her home and directs us in the ultimate afternoon of giving back. It is such a delight as crafty moms and daughters engage in what we enjoy, cozy up in community, and make the world a little brighter for our brothers and sisters around the world. I'm posting a few pics from her site to inspire my friends to join us for our Saturday, September 10 project for Dixie Tornado families: CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS!  If this venue is geographically undesirable for you, then consider getting a bundle of your friends together and making goodies with Craft Hope.  

You can rsvp to this event on Carol's blog.

Here is a pic of a pillow case dress (umm, check out the couture quality) Carol made on the Craftivism Day for Africa.

The following pics show us in action! Notice how much we're all smiling!  Here is an excerpt from her blog 6girls3boys.

"Craftivism" Day

I follow a blog call CraftHope.  This organization was started by Jade Sims out of Austin Texas.  CraftHope inspires others to use crafting as a way to spread hope and love to others in a way that only a handmade gift can. 

 I love to sew and craft!  There...I said it.  When I was younger, I was embarrassed by this part of me.  I thought if I wasn't some famous fashion designer, my love for sewing was kind of dorky!  I have long outgrown that embarrasment, thank goodness.  I also love to share this passion with others, so I started having "craft days" at my house every couple of months.  I found the crafthope website and my craft days soon turned into "craftivism days".  So when we gather together as friends to craft and hangout, we add in the component of helping others.   This month we made baby deliver kits for Haiti.  It is amazing to me that only a few items can make the difference between a safe and unsafe delivery for someone without access to medical care. 

We made 50 kits which included a piece of plastic, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, string and alcohol wipes.

For the craft part of our kits, we made receiving blankets and a cute bag to put everything in.  We started off making our bags out of dish towels I picked up at Ikea.

 We adorned them with miscellaneous decorations that I had on hand. 

 It was so fun to watch everyones creativity come out.

We also had our worker bees that cut and cut and sewed and sewed.

Even Chloe wanted to help!

We ran out of bags about 1/2 way through so we made cute little bags out of some extra fabric I had on hand.  

They were all packaged up and sent off yesterday.  I am so happy that 50 mommies and babies will receive a little bit of love all the way from California!

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