Sunday, August 21, 2011

40th Milestone

I am this.
It was inevitable.
I didn't want a party.
I'm not sure why.
Maybe because I didn't see 40 as an accomplishment.
Maybe I was in denial.
Maybe I didn't want the "remember when you turned 40" comment surfacing as a nagging reminder that now I am this.
Strange because I love celebrating it with others who are this.
For me I just didn't want the attention around my age.
I wanted to feel young again with my family.
So we went and hooped it up at Disneyland.
Great choice.
No regrets.
Except that I was so busy hooping it up that I didn't take any pictures.
No regrets.
No cake.
However, one day while cruising on 
I found the yummiest looking cake on earth. 
A chocolate chip cookie and milk cake for a one year old party.
I need to enjoy that.
That sweet one year old won't even remember that cake!
I will.
I wanted it!
Showed it to my TrueLove.
My TrueLove indulged me.
He showed the Pinterest pic to my CakeMakingGeniusFriend who could execute it to perfection blindfolded and in her sleep.
The cake was coming.
I couldn't eat it alone.
So I called some friends.
The ones that I love.
A few were around on the holiday weekend.
Yes, my birthday is a national holiday, 4 day weekend!
They call it "Memorial Day".
No disrespect. It is an honor to share my birthday with memories of those who gave their lives to serve our nation.
It's always been nice!
So, cake was coming.

And voila! 
I ended up with what I didn't want: a party!
An unparty.
It was more about the cake than me being 40.
40 was just an excuse.
A yummy one!
I'm sure this will be the recipe used in Heaven.
Yep, a yummy excuse to be together.

And a fun one too! 
There's my TrueLove, ME, my HairStyleGuru, and my CakeMakingGenius Friends. Above all, they are my amazing friends who love me and have no problem celebrating a number!

Forget all the fancy titles!
is the best title of all.
And these are some more of them.
Beautiful Friends!

Thank you friends for the memories!

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