Sunday, August 28, 2011

Most Valuable Players

Lemon Cucumbers
Lemon Basil
Persian Lime Olive Oil

These are today's Most Valuable Players from my trip to the Danville Farmer's Market.

The Lemon Cucumber, just slice and sprinkle with Celtic Sea Salt.

The Lemon Basil, just cut off the tips of the stem and stick them in a water until ready to use.

For now, enjoy their soft beauty and aromatics. Later you will use it just like you'd use Basil Leaf, but you will notice a brighter, lighter citrus flavor.
I will post some of my favorite ways to showcase this garden gem, but for now, enjoy your way.

The Persian Lime Olive Oil is insanely fabulous. 
Just use it as an alternative to your standard Olive Oil when you really want to TASTE the oil. I use this mainly for a drizzle for fresh veggies and decadent cheeses. It makes a great salad dressing on it's own and topped with Celtic Sea Salt.

Be watching for my FAVORITE light, glamorous appetizer that showcases the 
Persian Lime Olive Oil, Lemon Basil, 
and a few unexpected surprises.
Coming Soon!


  1. Oh, I missed the farmers market. Darn. Well, next week I am going to pick up all of those! Thanks.

  2. I'm salivating!!! Looking forward to that appetizer recipe!:)