Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's one of those weeks.
On "good days" I have tight shoulder and neck muscle pain nearly 24/7.
But today is not a "good day."
Is it because I lift big impressive manly weights at the gym?
It's because my neck isn't naturally curved how it's designed to.
It's quite straight.
Perching my neck forward. Like a chicken. 
One chiropractor told me, "I don't need to do an Xray to see what your problem is."
So that's why 24/7.
Not complaining, just relaying information.
This little tube in the picture above is what I use almost daily to relax those muscles that just work extra hard doing their thankless job of holding up my massive head.
Just kidding.
My head and neck are regular size (thank God). I'm only sympathizing with those hard working, persistent muscles instead of cursing them like I feel like doing most of the time.
Sometimes these muscles just flex up with everything they have, (usually in my sleep or doing something anti strenuous and embarrassing, like sneezing), and pull just hard enough to create (insert dramatic horror music rift) a---
If you've had one you know what I'm talking about.
If you haven't, pray to everything holy that you never experience this.
A spasm can be on a scale from 1: "ooh I better be careful" to 5: "do I call the chiropractor" to 8: hundreds of dollars later and a week long of deep tissue massage (not the pleasurable kind) at the chiropractor to  a 10!: holding your head up manually-- with your hands and feeling like the slightest move will cause your neck to shatter and your head to roll right off.
I know! but I've experienced the whole spectrum!!!
Back to spasm. (no pun intended)
Yesterday I was at about a 3
Time to bring in the big guns!

I'm not an expert, here's a link if you want to investigate for your own, "OH! (insert strong expletive here)!!!!! not again"- kind of pain.
I'm just saying IT WORKED!
It's not for everyday at $39 for an 8oz tube.
If you know neck/back spasms and how they can rearrange your whole life when they stop by for an extended visit (it's never just an overnighter), then you will not be deterred by $39.
it's natural
your body needs the magnesium
for many other important reasons
it works!
The spasms stopped.

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