Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bottle It Up

Save the Bottles!
No this is not some new cause.
Empty bottles are not on any endangered list.
Only the danger of being recycled by someone else
taking away all the fun to be had when their short lived contents are gone these empty containers have much more life to be lived.
Save them!
This is just something I've always done. 
We buy Lemonades (yes the French expensive ones) in beautiful bottles and when the kids splash it down lickety-split, we swipe them up, clean em' good and save them on a shelf in the garage.
Let me count the reasons:
1) for bottling our own creations-
home made vanilla, liquors, cleaning concoctions
2) for gifting
3) for saving things
4) when I make dinners for people who had babies (usually one at a time), are sick, died (ew! did I just say that? yes, but it's true-when I'm grieving I want to eat) or just need a little love in a basket, they can drink my yummy creations and keep the bottle for their lovely creations
4) quirky floral arrangements
5) spell out "farewell" or "congrats" with them for cheap party decor
6) for putting your dish soap next to the sink
I could go on and on and on but,
7) containers for long skinny things
8) the centerpiece collection for a dinner party idea 
that I snagged from a Pinterest pic 
and decided to try out on my Supperclub family. (That's another post all together).
I tried it.
Loved it!
My friend took a picture of them all lit up and 
oh do I wish I had that photo now?, 
because I was too busy having fun and filling plates to stop and practice my novice photography while people are getting ready to stuff their faces with fine delicacies. 
Not the appropriate time to be flashing (no pun intended) my brilliant cheapy decorating ideas.
Please do this.
(except the removing the labels part-ask TrueLove to do that with a sweet 
"I'll be your best friend" look/that's what works for me) and 
then run some vinegar over it with a paper towel and 
they sparkle like crystal.
Compliments will Follow!

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