Monday, August 29, 2011

Khacky Shorts and Juicy Orange

It's not what I'm wearing or what I'm snacking on. These are the paint colors 

in my 14 year old son's room. We freshened up his room while he was away at camp this summer. Without him knowing it!!!
Our inspiration was, "Good. He'll be gone a whole week. We can finally get the hideous carpet out of his room without inconveniencing his life."
Usually, decorating would start with a great idea, an inspiring picture, or anything other than, "Yank that carpet out while we have the chance."
My friend Carol had just made over her sewing room with the gorgeous feature of painted floor with ornate stenciling. She encouraged me that I could do it. I was worried.
I am not a perfectionist.
So with Carol's encouragement and my girlfriend Sheley's paint color expertise and lots of texting, and finally the fun-kind-of-inspiration began it's work.
I had this fabric.

I pulled the colors for the walls and floors from this plaid. 
A beautiful white with the subtle nuance of gray brown for walls, floor and trim, Khaki Shorts for the floor, and to inject some energy in the mix, Juicy Orange for an accent wall.
Painted Floor tip: Deck Paint
Durable, soft, easy to care for and, in this case,

see the yummy floor?

Your hardware store can mix deck paint with any color swatch. So cool.
Juicy Orange plus a few scoops of Dry Grout made for a very exciting chalk board wall behind the bed.

Remember I said, "I'm not a perfectionist?" I will put those switch plates back on someday.

This was a tight budget makeover.
Kept curtains.
Kept furniture. 
Just moved it all around.
We brought my Grandma's dresser back in for some fun old-timer character.

Yes, It's missing a few knobs.

New items came from the Hospice Thrift Store, Ikea, and Home Consignments.
The chair was a fun story.

That's my son's original art. It'll be a tutorial post in the future.

The chair I fell in love with at the consignment store was $169, a steal from it's new price of $500. (Always wonder if the salespeople exaggerate so we'll get more excited.) I asked for a better price because I was voracious about making this stylized room over as cheaply as possible. When the sales person looked it up to determine price flexibility, it popped up as "sold". 
That made me want it even more. 
They called the next day and said that I could buy the chair for $99.
The plaid that determined the color palette was a fabric I had for about 6 months. I bought it when a fabric store in town went out of business. So I had enough to refurbish the cushions of this chair.
So happy.
The lamp. 

I found this bad boy at the thrift store. It was all dressed in it's protective plastic and still had new tags on it. The thrift store wanted $40 and I happened to be shopping on "Everything in the store is 40% off day."
Lucky me! Twenty-six bucks!
While I was there I picked up this plane print for $4.

Ikea brought us the frame for the art, 
shaggy soft rug, 

swiveling desk lamp, bright orange throw and some artsy throw pillows that remind me of Jake's art above the chair.
Artsy pillow for the artsy kid!

Grown Up Room.
And he LOVES it!
So do I. His room totally trumps mine. Seriously, we kind of fight over it. He's always kicking me out. 


  1. oh goodness! adorable... so great... now out of curiosity... if i left for camp for a few days.. dropped of my house keys..and left some money on the kitchen counter.. could i come back to an equally cozy room?

  2. Oh I love it!!! You did a great job. I love that you aren't afraid of color like I am!
    You really could decorate for a living, I swear!