Sunday, August 21, 2011

Olio!'s Ultra S'more

Some of you are still enjoying camp outs and back yard fires. 
Please, please, please try this amazing twist on the S'more while there are a few days left of summer.

You will need: 
Friends, Open fire, Skewers, Marshmallows, Milk Chocolate, and PRETZEL STICKS (small ones, not the rods)

Skip the Graham Crackers!
Unless you're a purist, you'll never go back. You don't need triple layers of sweet. Graham crackers are toddler food. Yes they are. Tell me how many elegant cocktail parties you've been to that they pull out the graham crackers. Thought so.
Just skip them.

Here's What You Do
(or what I did)

Skewer up your marshmallow and start wiggling the middle to make a pocket. Once you have some room in the center, wedge your piece of milk chocolate as deep as you can. It won't be perfect, it doesn't need to be.
Now roast it-toast it to your liking.

The chocolate in the middle will soften and swell as you toast the marshmallow.
When it's the perfect color grab about 5 small pretzel sticks and poke them through the melty center.

This is a POPPER! 
Pop the whole thing in and discover what some salt does to this fireside faire. 

My Tuesday Morning Friends (code word "WeightWatchers") will be pleased to find that it's a 2 pt treat!

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