Friday, August 26, 2011

Uncorked and Floored! for now...

Uncorked and Floored? 
Sadly, but not for much longer. What this means is: we love cork floors but we have carpet. We are "uncorked" where we desperately need to be corked. We have FINALLY chosen and ordered our family room's CORK FLOORING!!!!! Happy dance! 
I looooooooove cork floors. 
Loved for almost a decade when cork first entered my world as a flooring option.
Oh Cork!!!!!

Why do I love thee?
For months, samples have been used as paper weights, mouse pads, coasters and oh-ok-I'll say it- clutter that we keep moving around the house in frustrated fashion. But soon, they will be old news trumped by the beautiful cork floor that will be underfoot! Do you sense the enthusiasm?
It started 
with an accidental cheap white carpet (yes, it's too long and sad of a story for this cheerful posting-maybe another time),
a family of four who
do not remove shoes when entering,
a dog,
a lot of traffic flow,
and a quirky 80s custom home with carpet in all the wrong places. 
It's ending 
with carpet that is nasty,
overdue for the junk yard.
We are a hard wearing-hard living family that needs indestructible yet lovely surfaces. 
Also, we love trees! Trees are awesome. Most awesome when they are being what they are made to be: trees. No gorgeous trees will be harmed in the making of my cork floor. 
So that's pretty cool.
a quick visit to Simple Floors in Oakland and our floors are on their way.
Soon we will no longer be 
"uncorked" and "floored"!

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