Friday, September 23, 2011

A Good Clean Story

Love It!
Good clean fun.
This soap is hand made locally
raw goat's milk.

Everything in it is pure,
lovely for your skin.
I learned about it from my friend Jeff
who travels everywhere becausehe
is out there changing the world
in an
I met him in Kona several years ago and 
have been introducing him to everyone I love
whenever he lands in San Francisco
for a weekend.
So he met my friend Todd, who owns a swanky,
little, fashion boutique "denim bar" called
and Jeff jumps in there whenever he's around.
Todd gave him a  soap bar from the denim bar (ok, not funny) to try
and apparently it was the magic thing that worked on his
troubled skin.
No more bumpy skin!
Heard the song "Baby Got Backne?" 
Sorry, just trying to lighten things up? Jeff does not have 
"backne" but there are a lot of people out there that do
and are washing it away with this
miraculous little sudsy stuff
from raw goat's milk.
It sounded like Jeff had tried everything for his bumpy bumps
 and this soap is the THING that worked!
So I started buying it for him and shipping it to wherever he was
and using it myself
and making my
14 year old 
wash his bumpy skin with it too.
It's amazing!
It's all I'll/we'll use now.
Here's another awesome reason I love Tierra Mia Organics.
I relayed this story about the soap to a friend of Sylvia, the beautiful lady
who makes the fabulous soaps, 
and after hearing about my friend 
changing the world, 
posted on her website that it was their desire as management to GIVE Jeff his soaps
because they appreciate what he's doing out there.
So Amazing!
I stumbled upon this inadvertently and called them personally to say that I'm the one
who told the story and I could hook them up if they meant what they had 
claimed about giving him soap.
They meant it!
I love the soap so much more 
knowing that they are made
integral, generous, and devoted
people with a precious spirit
who care about the things I care about.
I really get the sense that they are 
in the soap making business
to help people. 
Now, back to the bar!
I love the velvety lather it makes.
I love the way my face and skin 
stay soft
I love the scent, especially the Almond Coffee and 
my second favorite 
is Clove Black Pepper.
They smell "good enough to eat", as my dad used to say-
which I actually did once as a kid.
It was strawberry soap, so I avoid fruity scents all together
since that episode of running screaming naked through the house,
slipping on the trail of bubble bath water I was
leaving everywhere left a permanent 
fruity bar soaps.
(Sorry to get off track there. True story though.)
All of their soaps are
Gluten Free.
They use 
No surfectants.
No Sulfates.
No Parabens.
It is recommended for 
oily skin
sensitive skin
shaving bumps
dry skin
pure enjoyment.
And if you go to their website
then you can read about why raw goat's milk soap
is better than commercial
and you will probably want to run out and get 
a few bars
I buy them at EDGE in Danville
because I love Todd too
and the soap was the only thing I could 
personally use
(until recently when they began offering
chic little threads for women too.)
You can also find these soaps at any of the
or on the Tierra Mia Organics website.

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