Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beauty Bar

A few years ago
we decided to bring a theme
into Calli's room.
She wanted to redecorate.
She was being 
by all of the magazines
and design shows
she has been exposed to.
There were two issues with redoing her room back then.
1) I didn't hate it yet
2) I wasn't spending any money on it.
If we were going to revamp the 
already cute room
we were going to have to be
ultra creative
and stretch 
So, we kept everything!
Especially the sweet lavender wall color
that is so soothing.
We came up with the idea to do a 
vintage hair salon
I was inspired by a place that my husband and I
visited in New York
When walking in
you were completely sent 
back in time.
I had the black t-shirt with their 
I turned it into a pillow.

The pillow inspired a giant mural/vignette on the wall.
My friend Amy,
 from Citro Salon
gave Calli the 
doll head.
(Only creeped me out the first 100times I entered the room,
but we're used to it now.)
At a local shop, Polka Dot Attic, 
sadly closing it's doors for good,
I found Teen Magazines from
and we cut out the hair trend photos
and put them on the wall.

That chicken wire looking thingy
is genius.
I can say that because it's not my idea.
One of my favorite home accent/gift shops,
lent me this fantastically cheap tip:
and buy the corner 
(?can't remember what it's called)
but it's used for corner foundations before
applying stucco.
You get about 10 ft of it for $8.
They will cut it for you. 
You bend it to make a little sleeve.
Filthy Gorgeous displayed their greeting cards with it.
I've used it for Christmas cards
but I dowsed it with diamondy glitter first.
Great for kid's art because you can easily change out the pages.

We found a few signs that added to the vibe.

Can you read the sign?
I love it!

Those were the basic cheapy things we did.
We did it!
We transformed her room
without changing paint color,
buying new bedding,
making ourselves crazy.
It was several years ago,
but I'm doing the math
and I bet that whole makeover
was done for about 
The cool thing is that she is getting older
and flexing her creative decorating muscles now.
The other day
I came home to find all of her furniture moved,
she did it herself,
yes-the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
My mom did it,
I do it,
now Calli does it.
What I found was so fresh and fun!

She turned her desk into
a little nail/makeup station!
She thought of it
and executed it perfectly!
"Now when my friends come over I can
do their nails right," she says.

Why am I telling you this?
Why do we care?
Two reasons:
1) Look at things differently.
I love that I saw a desk and 
she saw an opportunity
to up-do her room and 
entertain her friends
with cute design
and no money spent!

2) Let your kids come up with their own design solutions
and try things out. 
Sometimes it won't work. 
Actually some of my
ideas don't work and that's how I learn.
And sometimes they will do something fun and innovative,
because they are not influenced yet by 
all the "rules" of decorating.
In this case,
she inspired me. 
So I propose,
give the young ones a 
chance to experiment!
And they might teach you something!


  1. Yep, you're right. The apple does't fall far from the tree. Like Mother, like daughter. Full of creativity, fun and love!

  2. Agh! I LOVE this ! Calli is so creative and imaginative! I looove how you could give a room a new face with a lot of that imagination and little funds.. my favorite kind of renovation! : )