Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wine, Movies and Shopping!

Ok Ladies.
This sounds like fun, right?!
My house.
Sunday, September 25
1 - 4
Get your cat walk on! 
We'll be having a Zoolander competition.
is what we're doing.
A CAbi party
and you are invited!
If you are reading this, 
then you sincerely are invited.
Let me know by commenting below,
commenting on facebook,
or just call me.
Bring your best friend,
or whoever you like to shop with.

My friend Stephanie comes over
with all of her CAbi wares
and we have a party!
If you haven't been to a CAbi party before,
let me tell you what to expect
I know you will be there.

I will set out food.
Steph will bring clothes that we can model
if we want to.
CAbi clothes are fabulous.
They flatter the female body. 
They really take great care to make clothing
that flatters the curves of a woman.
Careful attention and impeccable detail
are applied to the latest
trends out of 
New York.
Even with the trends,
the clothes hang beautifully on.
I know this,
because my size has varied 
and I can always find fun things
that look good on me
from CAbi.
I might have to buy this tunic. 
I don't know how they get the fabric to feel so soft and light.
This season's collections are named after 
iconic films
that we all love.
So I plan to go with the movie theme and
bring out some 
theater favorites.
This trench look is from Thomas Crown Affair
We can try on everything!
It sounds silly, but this is the way shopping should be-
you try things on 
with good, honest friends who will tell you
if your butt looks hot or not
in the jeans.
Wouldn't shopping be so much more fun
with wine and treats?
It IS! 
I've done this before.
I know.

Here's my personal feelings on the "shopping" part.
I NEVER want people to come to my home
feeling like they have to
spend money.
You do not have to buy anything.
No one is going to check your receipt at the door.
This party is like a Trunk Show where you can just
sit, enjoy good company,
and learn the season's new trends.

I've done it.
perhaps you want to make
a little wish list
for the Holidays.
You could do that too.
So please come
whether you want to shop or not.

I have my eye on some jeans, 
leggings and an amazing hooded 
Yep! There's the hooded sweatshirt under that other thing.
I love it!
If you are shopping, 
think about what items you need
and check the online catalog so
you aren't tempted 
by splurgy items.
Bring your checkbook and wear appropriate
You don't want to be wearing your jog bra 
(can I say "uniboob"?)
when trying on 
a little black dress.
Do you have a skirt or a something that you never wear
because you don't 
know what to wear it with?
Bring those things!
There will be a room filled with friends
to advise you on how 
to style that thing
who don't care
if you buy anything or not.
Perhaps, you will find something perfect 
at the party to pair with it.
No pressure, lots of options.

Also, I will note that 
is comparable to Nordstrom pricing. 
In fact, Carol Anderson, the "CA" 
part of "CAbi" started out
designing for Nordstrom,
(to give you some reference for 
quality and pricing.)
How does this fit
with my Thrifty
way of embracing life 
and the Reuse/Recycle post
I put up the other day?
Here's how.
I am supporting a company that gives back.
CAbi is a company that 
empowers women 
and gives clothing and finances
to women in need
all over the globe.
So I feel a bit better about spending more
on a few
special pieces
than I would at the dept store.
It supports my friend Stephanie
who I know you all will love!
She's like a bubbly,
little, burst of sunshine!
I looooove her!
all CAbi clothes are 
from my experience,
super durable.
I have some staples that went through
the wash 1 - 2 times a week
last fall.
Because that's what I do,
I wear the same things over and over again.
The color and construction held up
better than any
of my store bought items.

CAbi also won me over
the first time I looked at their fashion show
on line
and saw them using a beautiful
plus size model
on their 
I was a bit plumpy (or feeling that way) when I saw that
and it gave me the confidence
to check it out.
Please don't think you won't fit in anything.
These clothes are seriously designed
for real women
who wear these clothes
Trust me.

now you know what to expect.
I expect to see you there,
trying clothes on,
enjoying my party food & wine,
with no obligations to buy,
and having a wonderful
with old and new

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  1. I just went to a show last night and got to help style some ladies! SO FUN and really CUTE clothes! Wish I could come to yours too.