Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Auction House is Here!!!!

Auction House is having it's Grand Opening this month and 
creating quite a buzz around town! 
And rightly so!
The time for a live auction venue in the San Francisco East Bay is
long overdue!

Grand Opening
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This is very exciting for everyone in the Danville Tri-Valley area.
Auction House is located on 
2085 San Ramon Valley Blvd in the old Total Sports building.
925 498-6590
Open Monday - Friday 10 - 5
This is a fabulous venue for selling items like:

these old trunks!
(and waaaaaaaay more!
I only photographed the items I wanted to buy instantly).
You can drop them off during the week and 
on Wednesday evenings return for the live auction!

Auctions are Awesome!

You can find anything: home accessories, furniture, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, salvaged pieces from contractors and decorators, art, light fixtures, and the list goes on.
It's better than dropping something at the consignment store because the price is not fixed AND your story gets told. For example: Was that piece of China one that your great grandmother hid in her knitting bag and snuck out of Poland during the Holocaust? Is the original receipt in the unopened box? Well at Auction House you can trust that when that gem comes up on the block, the auctioneer is going to share that story with potential buyers. Can you trust a part-time salesperson at the local consignment store to tell that story with enthusiasm? 
Plus you always know when there will be a captive audience.

Side note: I am not dogging my favorite consignment stores.
Sometimes the consignment stores won't take an item because they simply don't have space or their clientele does not shop chandeliers.
Consignment stores will drop the price of an item over time which is a benefit to the buyer but not the seller.
I will continue to shop my favorite consignment stores, but WOW! will I be taking advantage of having Auction House in town.
(It's like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
I need both.)
Different and BETTER than selling items on E Bay or Craig's List, 
is that of course you don't have to ship your grand piano to someone.
The buyer takes it home straight away.
If buying from on line marketplaces, 
you can't touch and feel the item of interest
and often the photos are inadequate.
I describe myself as "a junky for variety", 
so how amazing it is that every week Auction House will present 
a plethora of different goods? 
So exiting!

Another great benefit of the live auction is that you know when the piece is going to sell. Maybe as a seller, you'd like to make a quick sale for the best possible price? Sounds good to me. Most consignment stores will reduce the price over time if it doesn't sell, but Auction House will take the guess work out of that.
There is a captive audience competing for merchandise.
Plus! Auctions are FUN!!
You get the added bonus of having a professional auctioneer sell your goods.
Auctioneers are the perfect marriage of amazing salesperson and gifted entertainer. 
Some people prefer to buy at auctions 
because they can get great buys and 
they enjoy a means of shopping that nods to yesteryear.
Auction House
is a fantastic family business with years of experience in auction, charity, and sales.
Gary Gapp, is the genius behind bringing Auction House to life. 
His "ah-ha moment" 
happened when he was trying to sort out his mother-in-law's estate. 
An auction would have been helpful, 
simplifying the painful process 
while he was hard at work 
successfully expanding the Supercuts franchise. 
His long history of expertise in retail franchise marketing 
and love of auctions are what brought 
Auction House 
to us and will ensure it's success. 
His son-in-law, auctioneer Damon Casatico, 
founder of Charity Benefit Auction
is the personality behind the live auction events. 
Many of you have experienced his talent at your school's auction, 
the Concerts at Wente Vineyards, 
or maybe even a celebrity charity gala. 
(I might not have mentioned that he is also MY AMAZING BROTHER
whom I love tremendously!)

This sign above will excite you if you are a designer, 
a person who likes to repurpose found objects, 
residential real estate expert, 
boutique owner, 
downsizing your home or business,
or you are just a savvy consumer that enjoys finding unique goods at competitive prices
and doesn't mind having tons of FUN in the process.
Grand Opening
is Wednesday, September 28
See you there!

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