Friday, September 9, 2011

"The Bubble"

Starting a blog
has been so much fun.
It's like a photo album of my everyday life
that people can peek in 
as they wish.
after a few weeks of
my heart has gotten heavy.
I like me.
But the whole world is not about me
and my little recipes
snappy little projects.
Although these things have value,
without proper perspective
they tend to inflate themselves and eventually
take over and suffocate 
what really
makes my heart sing.

"The Bubble" is how I describe 
my space in time
when everything becomes centered
around me,
my schedule,
my comfort.
I've begun to feel "The Bubble" floating
back to the surface.
I need fresh air.
What's going on out there?
What are people doing
to make 
the world better?
I want my new friends to meet 
the people who inspire me.
The people who inspire me deeply.
The ones who make my eyes light up.
These are people that 
broke out of the bubble with determination
to do life differently.
These are the people that find great joy in great sacrifice.
They don't call it "sacrifice" though,
they call it Love.
They love people.
They love the world.
They love to bring Life, Hope and Love
to people who are forgotten,
and usually 
far, far, far, from home.
So I promise to regularly post some of my
heroes and friends.
I will post pics and links so that you can get as
familiar as you wish
with the people who inspire me
who are changing the world
like I hope to
some day.
Today, Friends, meet Connect Africa.


These are personal friends
several years ago
launched a vision in my living room.
I've gotten to watch,
invest in,
be personally challenged
by what they have done
with a calling,
a giant love for Africa.
I especially hope that you will look at their
You will see innovative things like
rocket stoves, 
rain water harvesting,
bio-sand water filters,
eco-san toilets,
and more! 
Perhaps it will 
inspire you and your community
with ideas for 
sustainable projects in the far out places
that you are passionate
Thanks for venturing outside "the bubble" with me.

1 comment:

  1. Nicole,
    You constantly inspire me! I love your blog! All of it! Your honesty, authenticity and humor are engaging. I can't wait to see what you have to say each day. I love that you promoted Connect Africa today. I might have to copy you.
    Xoxo, carol