Thursday, September 8, 2011

Zucchini Fries

Zucchini Fries

These taste like the Fried Zucchini that I used to eat as a kid
at Primo's Pizza in Danville.
Looove these!
Serve them up for a game night, party, or bar b q.
Then plunk them into your favorite dip.
This is not gourmet.
This is just yummy goodness that's fun to eat.
I dip them in Ranch Dressing mixed with Mustard.
Or Ketchup.
Oh. And did I mention that this is a TuesdayMorning Recipe.
8 slivers are 3 pts.
This time I recruited Jake to help me make them,
so I could take pictures without egg washing my
Canon Rebel.
Thanks Jake.
Here's how you do it Friends!

2 Zuchini
Slice in half. Then slice each half, lengthwise twice to get equal wedges.
This is where a photo really helps! Like this. My zuchs were huge so I had to do double cuts.

Now you can click the word "RECIPE"
and it should take you to the recipe I follow. I have found though that 
you need a bit more of everything. 
It's not an exact science, 
you're just dredging so don't be
disappointed if you need more of the good stuff.

Bowl of flour mixture.

After I mix it well. I put it all in a big ziploc, then stick the zuchs in and shake it all up
until all the wedges are coated with flour dust.

Bowl of egg white frothiness.
Take the floured wedges and dip them in the egg whites.

Bowl of Panko Bread Crumbs, and then dredge them in the Crumbs.
Oh yes, I use these instead of regular store bought bread crumbs 
because regular crumbs have
so many chemicals in them. 
The Panko seemed more simple.
Just Sea Salt them up a bit.
Added bonus is that Panko will stay crispy 
which is important
for taking to parties. 
This is great potluck faire so
the Panko are invaluable to the recipe.
And healthier.

Line a cookie sheet with foil so you don't have to clean your pan.
Thank you Giada for that tip I learned.
Spray the foil with your favorite Cooking Spray. 
Mine is Coconut Oil Cooking Spray. 
Too bad I didn't have any this time and Canola Spray is fine.

Once they are all lined up, pop em in the oven at
and 7 minutes later turn them over.
7-8 minutes later.
They're done.

You better not forget to sprinkle these babies with Sea Salt.
They won't taste like fried food if they are not salty!
What rocks about this recipe 
is they taste indulgent
but they are 

Now serve them up on a platter with your favorite dip
and watch them disappear.

I just whipped up a creamy dip that I really like!
We'll not count this for the TuesdayThing.

1 big dollup of Best Foods
1 big squeeze of French's Mustard
1 squirt of Bragg's Amino Acids (something in here has to be healthy)
1 very ample shaking of Dried Dill Weed (I put a ton in)
1 ample TBSP of Horseradish
1 Large dash of Sea Salt
6 shakes of the Pepper Grinder
Stir it all together
and add a sprinkling of Paprika on the top.

It's really good with the Zuchs.

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  1. fantastic! i love zucchini..have a ton in the fridge.. and always want to make the deep fried kind but stop myself because it is so.. not diet friendly.. this looks like the perfect solution!
    can't wait to try it!