Friday, September 30, 2011

Fine Art by Tom Matousek

meet amazing art!

Louis Armstrong, oil on canvas, 30"X48"

Sometimes you see art that just takes your breath away. 
When you admire my friend, Tom's artwork you are impacted by the size, color and exceptional
ability to capture the essence of a person. This artwork I find so brilliant because he's able to 
execute a perfect likeness in this prismatic style that he discovered inside himself very recently.
Tom Matousek, is a self taught, San Francisco Bay area artist, 
who is no stranger to the creative. 
He has done decorative murals both commercial and 
residential, has an eye for design, runs a construction business, yet very recently
discovered the passion and gift of creating these high drama, fine art, pop culture portraits.
I am so captivated by them that I had to post them for my corner of the world to enjoy as well.
My photography does not do justice to his work, in fact the above painting has much more blues in real life
and the yellows are more citrusy. The art simply envelops you and captures your attention in the way that you
just linger there. I love that! I love art that holds the attention of the spectator. His keeps you there in awe. I feel like his art reveals the radiant beauty inside these creative souls. 

I took the above picture to give an idea of the size of these beauties. They actually have a larger than life quality to them as well as the clarity of the images seem to have life to them. I've noticed that the image becomes more clear as I stand back, which is a super spiritual quality to me. Isn't it true in life that as you step back from
situations, your perception changes and is often more defined? 

SOLD Tom Waits, oil on canvas, 48"X60"

John Coltrane, acrylic on canvas, 48"X30"

Van Morrison, oil on canvas, 48"X60"

Here is a new one he's working on. It looks like a sculpture emerging from the stone.
I love it just as is, but I'm sure it will blossom into a stellar picture like the others.
Anyways, I thought you all might enjoy these pieces. You got a small viewing of this man's unique gifting.
I wish everyone could see them in person as my camera seems to have
added some extra golds and reds to the images. 
Of course if you are in the market for original
fine art you can contact him.
925 787-1225 or
Prints are available. You can contact him for pricing or perhaps
commission him for an art piece.
Either way, I thought I'd share the experience of marveling at beautiful work.

Miles, oil on canvas, 16"X20"

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