Thursday, September 29, 2011


A few weeks ago
I posted the page "Mikey! He likes it!"
In that post I tried to candidly
tell you all about how hard I've tried to get my kids
to regularly consume healthy foods.
I thought that someone out there might be able to relate
and might in turn be inspired to try
some of the things that
I've tried that work.
Saving the agony
of sour faces,
"toxic waste"
the like 
that I have endured over the years.
I also promised to give you two 
green smoothy recipes
that are 
without fail
With the Kids!
Yes, they are winners with me as well,
but I don't gag at that thought of
eating healthy foods,
I rather enjoy!
But for kids,
especially the one picky eater in my home,
the one that prefers
beige food-
do you see a pattern?
The idea of this child getting excited about a 
Green Smoothy
is actually worth telling about.
So, here is the second recipe.
It's been adapted from one that I found
in  Real Simple magazine.
Let's call it 
"Green Vanilla"
as to not frighten the beige eaters,
after all,
Vanilla is creamy colored (well it's actually
quite dark espresso color, but thanks to the ice cream
industry we can reference vanilla as a shade between white and beige).
Here's what you need:

Now, you must not let the picky eaters
see this stuff. 
It seems impossible that grapes, spinache, coconut milk, and vanilla protein powder
are going to make an enticingly sweet drink,
even while I'm splashing one down now,
it is a mystery to me,
but trust me-
And they will love it!
I feel it is my necessary to explain that the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
is absolutely divine.
If you read the first posting then you can sign out,
but if this is new to you,
then it's worth noting that this powder 
has been a God-Send to our home.
20 grams of vegan protein per serving
gluten free
no junky junk (you know what I mean)
no saturate fats
no cholesterol
no trans fats
no artificial sweeteners
no artificial flavors
(tastes like real Tahitian Vanilla, I'm telling you)
and no artificial colors.
It tastes AMAZINGLY good.
Almost like vanilla cake batter.
But without all the chemicals and junk.
It fills us up.
It does not bloat us all up
and if you are familiar with protein powders then 
you know what they can do to one's
digestive track.
All those pumped up farty weight lifters at the gym,
you know,
they are not drinking this protein powder.
It's fabulous!
We buy it from my friend Kris who just looking at 
how healthy and gorgeous she is,
makes us want to know what
she's eating and how
she's maintaining.
That was a side note.
Main text.
Try the smoothy.
Try the Protein Powder.
I will be giving you more amazing smoothy recipes
as time unfolds,
because they are the easiest
way to pack in a bunch of
nature's abundance
first thing in the 

It's cool, sweet, light, refreshing, nutrition packed,
and best of all
the kids will like it!