Friday, September 2, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Last Saturday I posted that Calli and I were going to do some Back to School shopping.
Here's how we scored!
Twenty bucks!
For all of this:

All items from Danville Thrift Station
I also picked up 2 banana cream colored pillow cases to make some dresses for little girls orphaned by the earthquake in Haiti.
All of these items, with tax, came to $20, not bad for Back to School bling!
The shoes are from Brass Plum and look brand, spanking new! 
Five bucks!
The ruffled, polka dot blouse is brand Twenty One and it was four bucks.
The sequined tank is American Rag Cie and was four bucks.
The dress, DARLING!
She wore it out of the store!
Some ideas to style it up:

These are some accessories from her closet.
Punchy floral tights, Love earrings, and disco clutch.

So Cute!
I suggested she get a hot pink ribbon to wear as a high belt too. 
But her own ideas are clever enough.

The sheer polka dot blouse she plans to wear as a jacket over bright saturated colored tanks.

Don't forget nail color, sheer gloss, and a few more things from the closet.
I hope this encourages you to scour some of your local thrift stores before you hit the old stand by chain stores. You really can find super things. We are new to embracing the Reuse/Recycle way of life, but we're taking baby steps. Purchases like this inspire me to press in and engage in it even more.
I hope you are inspired too!


  1. Wow, Nicole! Amazing cool things! I love looking through thrift shops, too. My favorite find was a blue mosaic vase that I found at Goodwill for $3. I was over the moon! I had wanted one for ever, and didn't have the $$ to pay full price, so when I found this, it was like a little miracle.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it all. Can I go shopping with you? BTW, I'm going to the Antique Faire this weekend. You should come!