Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter from Olio

Happy Easter! Happy Resurrection Day!

I hope you have had as much fun preparing for the day as I had. My daughter and I spent Friday morning making Empty Tomb Treats with a bunch of darling little chili's, nine kids! Three of my girlfriends scooped their little ones together so we could remember what Jesus did with a fun tasty activity. I loved doing it with my kids but my munchkins are so big now that I asked if I could bring the fun to my friends who still have little guys. So much fun!
If you have little ones please do this with them. Just google Resurrection Rolls and if it includes the marshmallow and crescent rolls, and a devotional, then it's the right one. Easy, fun and way yummy ( I remember how yummy they are because they are not CLEAN treats and I easily resisted).

Today Calli and I had fun at the Farmer's Market grabbing all the ingredients for a CLEAN Easter. Next week I'll share the recipes. I am most excited about trying the Marinated Artichokes that my girlfriends posted on Community Eats. I promise, I don't intend for this to be another food blog, but CLEAN is what is happening to us right now, so I must share. Thankfully everyone seems pretty interested. All I am saying is that I'm planning to just slide over day 21 and keep this thing going. I feel amazing! Fitting back into my size (mmmm let's not share numbers like that out into the universe- especially on a holy weekend), but I'm quite happy with how clothes are fitting. I don't feel hungry and I never even wake up hungry. My face looks like it's original shape, not so puffy. We're noticing the gluten free shrink which I love! And I received a few compliments from my girlfriends that made me blush a little in a good way-the end.

Back to Farmer's Market! Bought some flowers to take to my mom for her Easter table. I had such a blast playing florist and it is "playing" since I find arranging super challenging. I took a class from my genius friend Missy at Twigss once and learned a few tricks, watched an Oprah bit on arranging, but even still I struggle. It wasn't working and I fussed and fussed with it. I decided to clip some of the exciting roses from my front yard, throw in a few lemons and some of the rosemary I grow and now, not too bad. A cheery little mix.

And I had lots of fun playing with some vintage china I just scored at Auction House the other night. I'll post some pics later this week but I am just having way too much fun!

My TrueLove and my son went serving the Vacaville community doing graffiti abatement with The Father's House, a church really transforming a community with love and meeting very practical needs. It was with their Adopt-a-Block program. I wish I had pics but I'll be joining them soon and I'll lug the camera around with me to share. I can not wait!

Anyways, Happy Easter Everyone! Easter reminds us how powerful Love is and how much we have to be grateful for. May your day be filled with Love, Joy, Family and Memory Making!


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