Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Urban Farming

I've been trying my hand at some... gardening!
Never done it before, super nervous, but determined.
 Inspired by a segment I watched on Kelsey's Essentials about a New York restaurant's roof top farm completely planted in milk crates, I thought I'd try it. 
And LOOK! It's working!
Milk crates are very practical, cheap, usually free, easily moveable and a perfect solution for my small yard. My yard is the perfect size for us, 24' X 24',  small!
Not only that, but half of it is not landscaped and unusable, for now. 
The other half is deck.
So, extra small.
But I was determined.
So, the milk crates happened!
In the t.v. inspiration I watched they looked cool and sleek, all black, neat little rows,
however, these are the ones we had on hand. For the best sun situation, we had to put them on this mangled, sad excuse for a bench, that is a project waiting to happen.

If you'd like a blog post with directions on this, you'll need to comment and let me know.
For now, we are growing lettuces, herbs and tomatoes.
I have procured a few more milk crates and as soon as I have them lined, we'll branch out into squashes,  peppers and berries.
I am beyond excited about this!

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  1. please post instructions! I would love to do something on my upper deck away from all the deer. :)