Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring CLEANing Update

It happened, we did it, and well....


I weigh a lot less. 
I dropped a whole pant size.
I don't pant or need to sit down after a short run upstairs.
I went off a few herbals I took for energy.
A chronic rash has cleared up.
I'm not hungry all the time.
I think my chicken neck is gone.
I have a lot more time in my day. I'm not stopping for coffee all the time.
My wallet doesn't have a hole in it anymore. We've saved so much money not eating out all the time.
Surprisingly, I think I'm just always in a better mood, much more the ME that I used to know.
I believe that my hormones may have balanced and improved (waiting for the Monthly Monster to be sure). I only decided to share the latter because its one of the main reasons I did this and I believe that many ladies would benefit from the relief I was seeking. I'll know better in about a week.
And I know of at least two people who have ordered the program already. 


"Mom, you need to buy some junk food. I can't live like this forever," says Calli who has been freely eating whatever this whole time. I guess my pantry has been on Clean as well.

You pee A LOT! Which is actually a positive because those toxins have to get out somehow. It's a negative at the movies.

Feedback from Friends:

"You look great! What did you do?"

"You're glowing! Your skin looks amazing!" (Although it could be the make-up. I do wear fantastic vegan, gluten free skincare and make-up.)

There was a compliment about my butt that I'm too embarrassed to include but it made me feel great! 

My daughter, who is very modest, and doesn't allow me to even speak of certain body parts in her presence, asked, "Mom, what happened to your butt?!" in a good way.

"You lost weight didn't you? How? I just saw you a few weeks ago? What the heck?"

"Whoa. You got skinny," from TrueLove.

OK. So, all of these compliments are mere perks. They make me ecstatic on the inside but they are NOT the reason I did this. As you recall, heart disease runs in the family on both sides, and my big strong brother is still recovering from his quadruple bypass. THAT'S why I did it......

and that's why I'm sticking with it. I feel great! My head is clear. I'm doing it.

Do you need to buy the kit from Clean Program?

Yes, it's easy, everything's in it, and no questions. 

But, I did not. It's over $400, which is fair for what you get, but we are in a season of serious pinching, so here's what I did if you are thinking of doing a Spring CLEAN yourself.

I already had Oregano Oil (anti microbial), Probiotics, garlic tablets, healthy oils (I take Cod Liver Oil, Borage Oil, and Olive Oil regularly, and I use a fantastic Protein Powder and Fiber, that tastes GREAT, is cheap, gluten free and vegan. I'm a consultant and can hook you up. It has cane sugar which is not permitted on Clean, but I chose to go with it because we had it, and I was committed to allowing that to be the only allowance I would make. I don't think it hindered my results. 

I do believe I was able to cut cost quite a bit and not miss a beat. The results I'm experiencing are confirming.


Have snacks and meal components on hand. I got a lot of mileage out of making a bunch of brown rice, quinoa, chicken or roasted veggies ahead of time and being able to add them to a meal easily. They were not in there all at the same time, but I tried to have at least two things ready. The Cashew Cream Cheese recipe I made is always in the fridge for dipping veggies, making a quick creamy salad dressing or to top a piece of meat. 

Know what recipes you like and make sure that veggie drawer is full a lot. If you run low on the staples it will be a sabotage.

Know what restaurants have friendly options.

Make detox tea at night you're big snack. 

If you HAVE to have coffee for spiritual and intellectual reasons, then I recommend getting Water Processed Decaf. Marley's Coffee has a great one, Blue Bottle does all of their decaf this way, and Peet's Decaf Mocha Java as well. 
But it will still be dehydrating, I recommend you go cold turkey from coffee with some Feverfew the first three days to conquer the withdrawal headaches. Stick to detox teas and get the full benefit, I'm just sayin'. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

If you HAVE to have a cocktail, use fresh juice and Sake. I'll post more about that later, but for now, it's not perfect but your best bet and rich in amino acids. I needed to do this on Easter and it was perfect!

These are my best tips.

If you'd like a posting of my FAVORITE Clean recipes, then let me know for sure. Right now I am enjoying a gorgeous Sesame Brown Rice Bowl with Roasted Veggies and Tahini Sauce. I will definitely post later on it when my Camera gets it's detox. 

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  1. Nicole, I am so proud of you! And so happy you had success! I love this program and how I feel when I am done with it.

    Please post some recipes! We are getting ready to do another one. Recipes are always needed!