Monday, April 28, 2014

Vintage Finds and a Wee Little Announcement

A new artistic endeavor is in process. 
Oh boy, now I said it. 
Olie-oh: a vintage party rental boutique.
Coming Soon!
I will carry vintage, modern, unique and quirky items, for party planners, photographers and love birds heading to the chapel. Right now it means beefing up my blog, building a website and, my favorite part...... buying some really cool stuff!!! About the beefing up the blog and building a website, I am welcoming any encouragement, tips, referrals, services and/or helps that you might have to share.
Yesterday I packed up the family and hit the Petaluma Antique Faire. 
We had a blast! Even my 16 year old son thanked me for taking them because, "it actually was kind of fun." If you know him at all then you are reveling with me in this small miracle!

I found this:
I know that was an abrupt transition but I'm just so excited and I just wanted you to know that I found this!!!!!!!!

Amber Punch Bowl Set

I do promise promise promise that better pictures will be in the future,
I was just very excited to show you some and had very limited time.

I am crazy about amber colored anything and was delighted to add this to my Amber Goblet Collection. Actually I was downright giddy. 
I also found these:

Charming Table Cloths

And they will be adorable layered together!

No one can have too much bamboo and how happy I was to find this crazy fun table cloth in PERFECT condition. Again I apologize for these poorly styled pics. I will take much better ones soon, PROMISE! 
And at Auction House recently....
I found these:

Rose Colored Glasses

They are just so pretty. So pretty. And you just feel so pretty drinking from them.

Golden Demitasse

These are just so elegant and I can't get over the sweet little feet on the cups. And the color combination is my favorite. It's all over my house. I love it.

Oval Glass Serviette

Also called Snack Trays or Tea Service Trays

Vintage Gossip Table

What is not to love about this adorable telephone table? The phone, which required two hands, would sit on the top shelf and the caller would sit on the big shelf facing the small one. I imagine a note pad sat on the tiny shelf and a big phone book under the seat. I was thrilled to have picked this up at auction and I really look forward to styling it properly later.

So, I will posting more in the near future.

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  1. ahh those glasses and the table are awesome!